Ginger's Fashion: My North West Bloggers Event Outfit

Just Add Ginger
Maxi Dress: ASOS, Cardigan, New Look, Bandeau: New Look, Multi-Chain Necklace: ASOS

Hair: Blossom Hair & Make Up

Now that I'm getting in to my later-20s I'm finding it a bit harder to know what kind of things I should be wearing. I know the clothes that I like to wear, but I'm starting to get a bit conscious that I may not be able to pull certain things off as well as I used to. 

For the North West Bloggers Event in June, I needed something to keep me cool, that was sophisticated, but still a bit whimsical I kept my trusty old maxi dress from ASOS understated by teaming it with a black bandeau from New Look to protect my modesty, and added a pop of colour with a coral cardigan from New Look. I threw on my vintage-inspired multi-chain necklace just to pull everything together. 

My hair added a touch of fun and whimsy. My lovely hairdresser Beth from Blossom Hair & Make Up did it for me. I love braided hairstyles and she created an up-do for me that was really bohemian and free, and meant that I wouldn't get overheated. It made me feel young and fresh, and created an extra accessory for my outfit.

And I bloody loved it! 


  1. LOVED your hair like this! I wish I could do things like this in my hair!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Me too!

      I definitely have found my hairstyle niche...anything with braids and I'm OBSESSED! hehe.