The Perfect Imperfections Tag

You know when you are just sitting down in the evening, watching TV, hanging out, and then you have a great idea?!

Well, one night this past week, Boyfriend & I were vegged out on the sofa. I was watching YouTube videos, and then suddenly, the Perfect Imperfections Tag Video on Bamblings of Naffy popped up as a recommendation. 

It really got Boyfriend & I talking and we (well he actually) decided that it would be a really cool video to film. 

It is so important to remember that no matter what "imperfections" or "perfections" that you have, to love you for the person you are as a whole. Remember, there is nobody out there just like you, so we should celebrate who we are as individuals, and not focus on the things that get us down about ourselves. 

We are perfect, just the way we are! 

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