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When it comes to my hair, I consider it my biggest accessory. It is a heap of wild, curly-wavy tendrils that sometimes drive me round the bloody bend. But I love it

Which means that I am rather over-protective of it too. After a few bad experiences with hairdressers (one that is still a bit too painful to talk about) I now have this innate fear of going to get my hair done - even if it's just for a blow dry.

It used to make me so nervous. In fact, going to the hairdressers makes me so nervous that there have been times where I have just had to cancel appointments last-minute. I just can't do it. 

Fortunately I have two incredibly talented friends who are hairdressers so - wherever I have been able - I have booked in with them. But with busy schedules, and now a demanding toddler on the scene I knew I needed to finally find a salon that was close by, made me feel comfortable, and pass what I call the 'trust test'

exterior of the scouse bird salon, liverpool

My ears pricked up when I first learnt that the Scouse Bird Salon was opening in Aintree. It is so local to me that it seemed ideal. And knowing how glamorous Steph (Scouse Bird) always looks I knew she wouldn't be messing around with who she wanted working there. 

After heading down there on the opening weekend I was pretty impressed from the word go. The salon wasn't pretentious or clinical, and with all the bright colours, feminine touches and decor that just lent itself to those all important post-makeover selfies I knew I had to come back and investigate things further.

girl with a curly blow dry

side view of a girl with a curly blow dry

I booked in with resident hairdresser Katie for a blow dry a couple of weeks later ahead of a blogger photo shoot I was doing the following day. 

Now normally when I go and get my hair done I get so caught up in my nerves I end up acting so awkward. But as soon as I sat in the plush, comfy, twirly chair and started chatting to Katie I felt all my feelings of anxiousness slip away. It honestly felt like I had known her for years

Ordinarily at the hairdressers it's like pulling teeth trying to get me to speak. I don't want to. I'm waiting for something to go wrong. But I felt so at ease at the Scouse Bird Salon I quickly put on all my cards on the table and was totally honest about how getting my hair done usually makes me feel.

Katie didn't make an issue of the fact that my hair is so knotty either. Her brushes glided through my hair with ease that it was hard to believe she was actually doing anything. I was also able to sit there and enjoy some moments of calm, finding myself mesmerised watching her work, without feeling uncomfortable.

half up hairstyle with braids and twists

I have booked in with Katie at the Scouse Bird Salon a number of time already and every time I come back even happier than my previous visit. I'm always greeted with a smile, treated like a queen and feel completely at ease leaving my hair in her hands because it already feels like she gets me

As someone who spends pretty much all of her time looking like she's been dragged through a hedge backwards, after going to see Katie my confidence levels go through the roof. I walk through the door looking like a bedraggled mess and leave feeling a million dollars. If I could move in tomorrow and have Katie do my hair every day, I seriously would!

But don't just take my word for it. Do yourselves a favour and book in for an appointment with Katie yourself. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Images: Katie Offer (@katieofferhair)


  1. Looks like a brilliant salon and I love how she styles your hair, that half up do is right up my street when my hair finally grows back long enough to pull it off!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. After searching for the perfect salon for so long I'm so happy knowing there's somewhere I can always go if I'm in need of a new 'do or blow dry. Katie is amazing and the salon is so accommodating. Eric came with me the other day and everyone was so chilled and nice even when he started to have a meltdown.

      Jackie O xo