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This is a very big thing for me to admit, but one of the things that really triggers my anxiety off is thinking about skin cancer. Even typing that sentence has sent a wave of warmth through me and got me a little on edge, but I hope that by telling you this, you'll read this post with the understanding that I take things like sun cream very, very seriously. 

Even prior to my struggles I have always been a factor 50 girl. A natural redhead with a fair complexion me and the sun just don't get on. I need really go any colour other than red, I can't stay out in the heat for too long and I always need to cover up. I'm the complete antithesis of a sun worshipper. If I had the choice, I'd much sit under a parasol all day. 

So when it comes to finding the right sun cream I am always quite careful, even more so now that Eric is on the scene. Creams need to be easy to apply and be suitable for sensitive skin. I also need to go for bottles with pumps or aerosol. (Ever tried to apply lotion to your dominant hand when you have limited use of the other?)

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I had never heard of That'so Pure Sun All In One Sunscreen* until I saw the opportunity to be considered for a review campaign. But with the promise of a high SPF coverage and it seemingly ticking all the boxes I signed up, feeling really intrigued.

In order to give the sun cream a thorough test, we took it on our pre-summer holiday with us to Yorkshire. We lucked out on the weather and reached for the sunscreen every day. 

 I requested to try the 'Baby formula' version of the That'so Pure Sun All In One so that we could use it on Eric too, but there are a few other bottles you could go for instead (the alternatives slightly differ in the level of SPF protection they offer). 

This version offers an incredibly high level of sun protection, with levels reaching SPF 100 depending on how many times you choose to apply it. (I know - I couldn't believe it either!)

Right from the first time we used it I was really happy with how nice the suncream was to apply. Unlike some formulations, which come out really wet or tacky, That'so came out in a fine mist that evenly covers your skin. It does stay moist for quite a while, but because the sunscreen is colourless, this helps in understanding which areas are covered, and where you need to go over again. 

The formula has a moisturising quality that leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished after application. The scent of the sunscreen is really pleasant too - not too overbearing and with a freshness (almost like baby powder) that makes a nice change to that quintessential summery sun cream smell. 

Another huge selling point is that you can apply the sunscreen with the bottle upside down. So even if you are on your own and need to put on your sun protection before nipping out it isn't ever going to be an issue. 

When it comes to applying the That'so sunscreen on Eric the product could not be more toddler friendly. Because you spray the sun cream on rather than spritz from a pump or squeeze out of a tube you can cover quite a large amount of skin in one go. We simply spray a little onto his arms and legs and then rub in. He is a little too young for us to feel comfortable using it on his face (I don't think he would like that very much) but every time we have used it on him he has not had any adverse reactions. He also finds watching the suncream come out of the can hilarious!

On a more superficial level, I really like the packaging and colour scheme That'so have gone for. The design looks really grown up but yet really fun and the typography is clear and easy to read. The colours also vary from product to product which make them easy to differentiate.

flat lay photograph with sunscreen, sunglasses, a magazine and white flowers

As much as I love this product, there are a few downsides to the That'so Pure Sun All In One Sunscreen* that I wanted to mention, the first being that it isn't the most budget friendly. The sunscreen we received retails for £29.95, so definitely on the higher end price wise. However in my opinion the cost is really justifiable. In fact, I loved this sunscreen so much I ordered a second bottle and after that one's finished I don't think I'll be stopping. 

The other minor negative is that it makes surfaces really slippy so you need to be careful where and how you apply it. It is something we didn't realise would happen at first but Eric did take a little tumble on a slick part of flooring close to where we were applying our sun cream so since then we are hyper-aware. You can easily avoid this though by putting the sunscreen on outside so this is definitely not something to be put off by.

Not just offering sun protection products, That'so also have tanning and skincare lines too. So whether it's sun care or self tan that you're shopping for they are definitely worth a look.

Have you tried anything from That'so? What did you think? Let me know your experiences in the comments.
*I was very kindly gifted a bottle of That'so All In One Sun Cream for review consideration. This does not affect my opinions.  For more information, please see my disclaimer

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