Cook with Ginger: Birthday Cake Bonanza!

Bonjour Universe! 

It is uber sunny and hot AGAIN today!! Glorious, glorious sunshine! 

About a week ago I had some friends over for some goodbye drinks, and I made one of my friends a birthday cake because I'm not going to be here to celebrate it with her! :( 

I decorated it and iced it myself! 

It did look a LIIIIITTTLLLEE bit like porridge, but it got better...you'll see!! 


I had to adjust the timing of the recipe because my oven is old and grumpy and doesn't like to bake cakes sometimes! 

I heated up some apricot jam to brush on to the sponge as a glaze to stick on the royal icing. 

The final result!! 

It's not perfectly perfect. It is a bit wonky, but it was made with love. 

And that is the beauty of home baking!! 

Happy Baking Everybody!! 

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  1. Oh this looks so yummie you've made me hungry ! The result is very nice and sweet ! Well done. Have a fabby weekend ! XX