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Snowy Road - Just Add Ginger

Walking to School

One day on the way to school,
I stopped dead in the street to stare.
For sitting right in front of me,
Was a big, brown, grizzly bear.

He was looking in the sweet shop,
His big black eyes began to glare.
Nobody had seemed to notice
That big, brown, grizzly bear.

I strolled up to him. I was curious,
Not one bit of me was scared.
I tapped him on the shoulder,
So he knew that I was there.

"Mister Bear," I spoke up boldly,
Admiring his big brown paws,
"Why are you sitting in the street?
Why don't you go indoors?"

"Everyone is scared of me.
Everybody always runs away,
Nobody understands the bears.
When all we want to do is play."

I looked up into his grizzly face,
I saw he was going to cry.
"Don't be sad Mister Bear," I told him.
"What can I do?" he said with a sigh.

"All I want to do is find a friend.
But everybody always runs a mile.
I tried to play with a mouse once.
But he stopped working after a while."

Mister Bear began to whimper again -
I could tell he was going to cry.
I stroked his big brown overcoat.
And say the tears form in his eyes.

"How did you get here?" I asked.
"I escaped one day from my cage.
I ran away from the zoo-keeper.
They wanted me to go on the stage."

"They wanted me to dance and to sing
And to ride in a ring on a bike.
They wanted to call me Scary McBear
And teach me to snap and to bite."

"But I do not like to scare people.
In fact I don't even eat meat.
 prefer an eclair to a pork chop.
I have a great weakness for sweets."

"I'll find you some sweets," I told him.
"I've got a few pennies to spare.
I'll go into the sweet shop and tell them
To sell me their biggest eclair."

"So you'll be my friend?" Mister Bear asked.
"You really are ever so kind."
"Well that's my philosophy in life," I said.
"I never like to leave a bear behind."

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