Hello World. This is Jackie calling!

Okay. So....

I'm a bit nervous. I'd been thinking about creating a new blog for sometime, but had never had the confidence (or time) to set one up. I had one a few years ago, but I went into it completely unprepared, and found that I had not very much to say.

But no longer.

I wanted to create a blog that shared little pieces of my world with the universe...cooking, fashion, music, travel, film reviews...things that I enjoy and like to talk about! And now seems a great time to set one up again. I've got back into cooking after a major hiatus, I'm being more adventurous with fashion, and in just over a month I'm going on an amazing holiday to Canada. Woohoo!!

This first entry is just intended to be a little introduction to the blogging universe. I don't think you need to know too much about me - yet. I think my blog will say enough for me rather than me shouting from the rooftops everything you need to know about me.

Although...I should probably give a few little bits away...just so you know what to expect from Just Add Ginger. Here are the top 5 need to know facts:

1) I love shoes. (love might be an understatement) I LOVE shoes!

2) I like to travel; holidays, girly weekends, city breaks, anything.

3) Cooking brings me joy. I'm particularly good at baking (if I do say so myself), but trying new dishes is really exciting too; particularly those that involve;
                               a) Cheese
                               b) Meat
                               c) Asparagus 

4) There is nothing more important to me in life than those I care about. Love in all aspects is so important to me, and I always try to go above and beyond my own expectations to be there for those who truly matter in my life!

5) I have a few random phobias. I am scared of spiders (not so random), stairs (a little bit random), and bones (very random). Is there anybody else out there who has a skeletal phobia? Or am I completely alone in this?

Judging by the rambling musings in this one post I think you've pretty much guessed I am a little bit random. Whilst I was studying for my degree, I used to be asked all the time for what was happening next in my stories (I did a writing degree,) and I used to be like "I don't know." Things spill out from my head and onto the page. My fingers are the vessels for my imagination.

Blah! Oops. This is so long already.

But one last thing...

I'll try and blog as frequently as I can (at least once a week). I am quite busy, and get really tired during the week because of work, but this is something I really want to do, so I just wanted to put a disclaimer out there to expect the unexpected in blog-posting-irregularity-ness! Yeah!

Wow! If you've stayed reading this long, you deserve a medal!

Until next time...


  1. I'd like a gold medal please!

    1. Well done! Hopefully this first post wasn't too random and torturous. Lol

    2. Not completely sane, but fun nonetheless!