Beauty by Ginger: Body Shop Lemon Scrub

Bon Soir Universe!

Another grey and overcast day in (not so) Merry Old England! I haven't actually seen the sun all day, which is a little bit depressing really...

But now I'm curled up in front of my fire and ready for my first product review...

...Body Shop's Sweet Lemon Body Scrub

What is it?
Just like it says on the label. This is a lemon...I want to say flavoured, but you don't eat it...a lemon SCENTED body scrub. (I actually got this one as a freebie on my birthday!) There are lots of other scents available, not just the Sweet Lemon.

Basic Info
My pot is 55g, but there is also a 196g pot available for purchase at The Body Shop. These retail for about £12.50. The lid is a screw top, and is quite water tight (I keep mine in the shower, and no water has gotten in so far.)

Appearance & Texture
When I opened this, I was surprised by how smooth the consistency of the scrub was. I think I actually gave a little "Ooooo". Normally, I hate how grainy body scrubs are. I find them erally abrasive, but this made me feel all fuzzy inside! The colour is really rich and inviting too. It looks at you as if to say "You know you want me!"

Does it Work?
Body scrubs are intended to help remove those pesky dead skin cells and smooth out your skin. Now, I don't know about anybody else, but I find that if I use a body scrub too often, it makes my skin feel unmoisturised and even worse than before...do people find that, or is it just me?



I have been using this product religiously for the past few weeks, particularly on my feet (a major problem area for me), and my feet are smooth as a baby's bottom (apart from my pointy toe, but we won't go in to that now.) I cannot sing this product's praises enough!

There is something quite soothing in the make up of this product that means you can use it for an extended period and it maintains your skin's moisture level. (Take it from me; I'm not a religious mouisturiser.)


Final Thoughts
I WISH I had this product in a bigger sized pot. I'm running really low, and I don't know what I'm going to do if/when I run out and I'm not near a Body Shop!

It looks great. It smells great. It leaves you looking and smelling great!

Go on, go out and give it a go!

Stay Beautiful!

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