Ginger's Jollies: I'm going to London!

Holdall: Accessorize. Make Up Bag: Clinique. Satchel: New Look (I think!)

I am SO tired this morning. I did not sleep well last night at all! I was hot, I was cold, I was hungry, I had some seriously weird dreams, I needed a wee (Oops. TMI?!) I just could not get comfortable and from about 3am-4.15am, I was just awake. It was awful. I used to suffer from really bad insomnia, so when I can't sleep, I get really stressed out, which means I can't sleep, which means I stress out....It's a viscious circle!


Anyway, I suppose it's a good thing I'm up bright eyed (if not so bushy tailed), because today, after work, I'm going to Londinium for the weekend! Hoorah!!

As usual, my trip is going to be jam packed!

I am going shopping tomorrow! I'm so excited to go back to Oxford Street, especially Forever 21. There isn't one close to me, and I am in love with their jewellery. Looking round their jewellery department is like walking into an Aladdin's cave. I love it! Amazing!!

I never know what to pack on my trips down to London, especially when I'm so busy. I need to be comfortable when I go to London, but whenever I am there, I feel the need to dress up a bit. Particularly on Oxford Street. You CANNOT be frumpy on Oxford Street...It is so stressful!

Although I am awful at packing light with my clothes, I am quite good with my make up. I have quite a simple daily skin care/ make up routine at the moment, so the products I need don't take up too much space....does this mean I'm allowed to pack more clothes?! Hmmmm.....

I'm not sure how much I will be able to post over the weekend. But I'm going to try; my camera is charging as I type, and I have already snapped some photos for upcoming posts. It just depends how much time I have. Apart from going shopping tomorrow, I'm out for tea in the evening, and then on Sunday, I'm getting a tent-putting-up masterclass in preparation for Canada. (I have never put up a tent in my life...this should be interesting!)

I'm off to make a coffee...

Or five!

Happy Friday Everybody!


  1. I love Forever 21 jewellery too! :-)

  2. :) Hopefully there are lots of goodies I can get tomorrow!..I always ewnd up leaving F21 with far more than I went in for!

    Ginger x