Ginger's Jollies: Weekend Wonders!

My time in London is coming to an end. It has been a fantastic couple of days. I've met up with friends, braved the chaos that is Oxford Street, and stuffed my face with lots of delicious food (I even took the leftovers home.) 

It's beautiful weather down here today. I'm going to go out in a bit to make the most of the lovely weather. I've got a very long train journey ahead of me this afternoon, and no doubt when I get home it will be raining! 

C'est la vie!

Just wanted to share a few random pictures from my weekend; a kind of summary for you I suppose! I have lots I want to tell you when I get back home too, so watch out for those posts! 

I found these shoes in the back of my wardrobe last week. I've had them for years, but forgot about them. 

I'm sorry, beautiful shoes! How could I forget about you? 

They are comfortable - for a few hours -  but then my feet start to hurt. I do have ridiculously fat toes though (seriously, they are like giant's toes,) so maybe that's why...?! 

I have had this obsession with clouds for the past week. I can't get enough of them. I could stare at them all day, looking for pictures in them! I also decided to get a bit creative with my camera settings. I only have a basic digital camera, but found a setting that creates a kind of fade-out in the photos. So I thought I'd give it a try, see how they would come out. 

And why not, eh?

 Last night I went out with two of my girlie friends for some dinner. We actually ended up in a different restaurant to the one I had booked because the first restaurant decided they had lost my booking - I was not impressed! Both my friends told me I had a face that just read "Are you kidding me."

Feeling the wrath of the Ginger!! Mwahahaha!!  

What do you all think of the title for this post? I thought of it in about two seconds (haha), but thought it summed up quite well what I wanted to say... 

If you like it/want to see more post like this, let me know!

Happy Sunday Everybody!

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