#Guestober 2014: ElleDeesBeauty

I was delighted when the lovely Jackie recently asked me to guestpost on her blog! I have recently been getting excited that autumn is here and winter is around the corner. I prefer the fashion and beauty trends in these seasons rather than spring and summer which are why I chose this topic for my guestpost.

My favourite fall colour for make-up is definitely Maroon, it is an obsession of mine. Whether I wear it on the lips, cheeks, eyes or all of the above; why not?!

Listed below are my hot-picks to wear for this season.


#Guestober - Just Add Ginger
Sleek vintage romance palette, £7.99.
Naked 2 palette, £37.00.


#Guestober: Just Add Ginger
Collection prohibition, £3.99.
Collection gothic glam scorned, £2.99.


#Guestober: Just Add Ginger
Mac mineralize blush lavish living, £18.50.

I hope you all enjoyed my little guestpost, Thanks again to lovely Jackie for letting me guestpost on her blog!

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