Ginger Fashion: Halloween 2014

Halloween Costumes 2014

I don't think I have done anything for Halloween since I was at university. And that was a long time ago! So you can imagine how excited I was when some of our friends decided to have an early Halloween party! The minute I heard the words "costumes are essential" I knew I had to pull out all the stops and go completely OTT in making myself the creepiest I could. 

Being a fan of fantastical tales, picking a costume based on Alice in Wonderland was pretty much a given. I found an amazing "Malice in Horrorland" costume on Escapade  . As well as the costume, I ordered a blonde wig, extra fake blood, and a wig cap.....ooh yes! I was bringing out the big guns when it came to my costume. And nobody was going to hold me back. 

The costume fit me to perfection, and the wig cap (which I was concerned wasn't going to fit all my hair) had plenty of room to spare. The only thing that didn't work was the wig. My head was just too big, and coupled with the ridiculously thick hair I have there was no way it was going to work, But, not being one to let anything like that defeat me, I popped in to my local Smiffy's, and picked up a new wig, and a pair of striped tights to finish off the look. I'm not going to lie....looking in the mirror at the new, creepy me didn't half give me chills! And that was even before I'd done my make up! 

Just Add Ginger Blog Hallloween

Doing the face paint was the most fun part! Boyfriend found a picture on Pinterest that he thought would look great with the costume and we used that as inspiration. Boyfriend used a Snazaroo white face paint to cover my face, ears, neck & d├ęcolletage. I then went in with some paintbrushes from a local craft shop and cream face paints that came in a set from our local supermarket to do the eyes, brows, lips and cheeks. I'm not going to lie, having never used cream face paints before I did struggle, but the water-based choices just didn't cut the mustard! Just before we left the house, Boyfriend added some fake blood to my cheeks and chin to make me look extra disgustingly creepy! 

I have to hand it to Boyfriend, who spent two days making the horns for his demonic costume, They drove him up the wall but looked so effective. And all he used to make them was some rolled-up cardboard, red and black paint, cello-tape and PVA. One the horns were done he attached them to his head with lashings of lash glue. I then did his face paint around where the horns were. 

For my first Halloween party in a very long time, I had a brilliant time! I loved going as Malice and definitely think it's a costume I'll recycle over and over again....only thing I want to get better at is my face painting technique....I'm a bit rusty!

Malice in Horrorland

Going to a Halloween party? Let me know what you're going as! 

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