Ginger Vlogs: Pyjamas, The Park, And Homemade Chicken Soup

Life in the Ginger-Bear household is really busy, exciting and hectic at the moment. Work happens during the week, and then at the weekends we are 99.5% of the time off on an adventure...visiting family, running errands, or travelling across the country for different reasons. Having a lazy weekend is really rare for us.

Which is why - a few Sundays ago - I made the impromptu decision to pick up my phone and vlog our day. Sometimes it's really good to capture memories of what it's like to just experience a lazy Autumn afternoon. Dedicating a weekend a month where you do exactly what you want to do, with no pre-made arrangements can be so rewarding and lets you really appreciate the time you spend together. 

Boyfriend did so well making his vlogging d├ębut and filming his chicken soup recipe that I think he deserves a bit of a shout-out. If you enjoyed watching that part of the video, please leave me a comment so I can pass it on to him. He is such a good cook that I really hope he wants to film more recipes in the future (with a camerawoman who doesn't fall asleep half-way through the cooking process though!)

What are your favourite things to do on lazy Sundays? 

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