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5 Ways To Deal With Stress In The Workplace
With Monday upon us, and a new working week starting, I don't know about you, but work can get pretty damn stressful, especially at this time of year when everyone starts gearing up for the holidays and the stresses of work and family life all roll into one big stressful mess. 
I try to keep my work and life stresses separate but it's too easy to bring your bad day at the office home with you. In a bid to avoid this, and get through your work day a little easier, here are 5 simple ways to deal with stress in the workplace.

1) Get out at lunch time
If you've had a bad morning or you know the afternoon is going to be a killer, take your lunch break elsewhere, preferably outside. The weather right now doesn't exactly scream for picnics in the park, but, a quick walk around the block or just having your lunch in another part of the building (never at your desk if it can be helped) will work wonders. The fresh air will clear your mind and getting away from the office, even just for a short walk, breaks up your day and you'll go back feeling ready to tackle anything the afternoon will throw at you.

2) Workout
When my day really has been that bad, then a quick workout after work really helps to release all that tension and stress. I'd rather work it out after work than take it home with me that's for sure. If you can't get to the gym after work, try walking home, or even just to a further bus stop, but do it with some gusto and get your blood pumping, not boiling!

3) Get your groove on
Dancing around the office might not be allowed or professional, but taking a quick break with your headphones in will shut out the office mayhem for a song or two. Close your eyes, get lots in the rhythm and lyrics, even put on a song you know will lift your mood. 

4) Walk away
When the crap really hits the fan, don't rise to the occasion, simply walk away. Walk down the corridor, walk to the bathroom. Walk down the stairs and back up again. Just walk. As much as you want to scream and shout and wring a certain persons neck. Don't. It's unprofessional and it's not going to make you feel any better, only ten times worse.

5) Tomorrow is another day
After Monday, comes Tuesday and so on, and before you know it the weekend is here. No matter how long your day might seem, it will always come to an end, you'll shut down the terminal, put on your coat and you'll leave. Always keep that in mind. You can walk away from the stress tonight, and tackle it tomorrow. With a good nights sleep and fresh start, you might just be able to deal with the drama a little better too!
How do you deal with the stress at work? Any tips you'd like to share?
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