Simple One-Handed Hairstyles for Long Hair | Just Add Ginger

For me, growing up with something that made me just that little bit different was sometimes not the easiest thing. And in particular - especially as I grew older - was trying to find ways around doing girly things. Hair.... nails....fashion. I had to find my own way to work all the things that I really enjoyed. 

Hair was the biggest mountain to climb. Finding a technique to use that made it easier for me to become even more independent was hard. But a few years ago, I finally got the knack. 

And that's where this video comes in. 

I wanted to create a tutorial that showcases how I do my own hair on a day-to-day basis. Because I live by myself, my family and friends aren't always around and I am a very stubborn woman, I have found a few different simple styles that I can throw my hair into if I need it up off my face (which is 5/7 days a week for work.)

Hopefully, this tutorial will help inspire others who may find hair difficult and show that with a little time, patience, and dedication, creating basic everyday hairstyles can be done.

If you believe in yourself, anything is possible! 
What did you think of this video? Would you like to see more "how-to" style ones? 
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