Brit Floyd @ The Echo Arena

It was a few months ago when I discovered that Brit Floyd were touring this year. 

And as soon as I found out, I was on the phone to MG....

"Should I?" 

Boyfriend is a MEGA Pink Floyd fan. But, I know that some die-hard music fans can be a bit hesitant to see a tribute artist (some may not cut the mustard in doing their icon justice.) 

But, taking a huge leap of faith, I went ahead and booked the tickets. I couldn't wait 4 months to break the news about where we would be going on 9th November 2013, so after a few Happy Hour cocktails one sunny Summer afternoon, I handed over the confirmation email. 

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Thank GOODNESS it was smiles all round, otherwise....

 ...well, this blog post wouldn't exist, would it? 

I didn't know much about Pink Floyd before I met Boyfriend. I could recognise a few songs and album titles, but that was about it, so going to the Brit Floyd gig on Saturday was a big eye-opener for me. 

I was completely blown away!!

I remembered from my friend going to see Brit Floyd a few years ago that the show was going to be audio-visual, but nothing could prepare me for actually being at the Echo Arena and watching the gig. It was definitely - as the description stated - an experience and not just a music show. 

The audience got really in to the songs too, which was great. There I was, humming along, and croaking out the few lines I knew, and there was everybody else, singing back to the band with full force. It was incredible. 

As a musical event, I can't fault Brit Floyd. I am a Ginger of eclectic musical taste, so this appealed to my ear drums (and eyeballs) immensely. I may not have known all the songs, but it didn't matter. The music is so evocative that even though I couldn't call myself a full-blown Floyd fan, it didn't matter. 

Whether a Floyd fan or not, if you love music, and Brit Floyd are coming to a town near YOU, go and see them. It's an experience you definitely won't regret! 

To see Brit Floyd's tour dates, visit: 

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