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I'm not going to lie to you - planning a wedding can be really, really expensive. You start out setting all your plans in motion, with a realistic figure in your head of the amount you would like to stick to, and then BAM, before you know it, you are on the road to making it triple the amount. As soon as you stick the word "wedding" on to anything, the price that you are looking to pay just instantly goes up. 

Yes okay - we have spent quite a lot on our wedding. But we've put the money on things that are really important to us and trued to keep costs down elsewhere, and this has really helped. If you're in the same boat as us, and looking to save some pennies where you can, here are some tips that should help you cut some corners, and keep you on track with your budget as much as possible.

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1. Shop Online

Having a peruse online can be the best way to bag yourself a bargain. Websites like eBay, Amazon & Zazzle are jam-packed full of wedding table accessories, decorations, bridal party gift ideas, clothes, shoes and more, and there are some really good deals to be found. We've used Amazon for a fair few things, and picked up some bits and pieces that have really helped to keep the costs down in terms of our venue décor in particular. Sales are also a great place to root around. I picked up a bargain of a pair of back up shoes in the New Look sale last year. And I'm still reeling from that find. For the girl who never snaps up anything in a sale, this was clearly meant to be.

2. Call On A Friend 

Don't be afraid to reach out and ask a friend, particularly those who have a certain skill or talent. When it comes to finding vendors for your wedding, it can be a big bonus to have someone there who knows you well, understands what you are looking for, and won't throw in any additional, hidden costs. We've got a very good friend making our wedding cake, and Hannah's mum is doing our flowers. Unlike going to a supplier we did not know, we've revived such a personal experience, know we will be taken care of, and will not hesitate to voice our opinions, ask questions, or speak up when we want something changed

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3. Do It Yourself 

Whether it's deciding to make your own invitations, order of service, or design your own menus and write out place cards, indulging in a bit of DIY can really help in saving some money. MS Word has been our best friend when it comes to finishing off final bits of wedding stationary, typing out place cards, and doing our table plan. I've also had a go at making my own throwing bouquet out of a couple of bunches of artificial flowers I got from Dunelm Mill, and some string we had in the house. Yeah, I'm not the most craft-y of people, but for the sake of having another bouquet to throw, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

Just Add Ginger blog
Image: @GingerJaxx
4. Shop Your Own Stuff

The temptation to treat yourself to a new set of everything can be overwhelming sometimes, but instead of going crazy on the brand new, Boyfriend and I have done a lot of upcycling, re-wearing, and borrowing for our Big Day. I already owned my wedding shoes, our centrepieces we have borrowed, and elements of our décor belonged to relatives. Not only have we saved ourselves some money, but there will be a huge amount of sentiment involved in our day, and you just can't put a price on that.  

Have some top money-saving tips you want to share? Leave them in the comments. 

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