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At the time of writing this, there are only 18 days to go until the wedding. In light of our impending nuptials, I really wanted to do a little pre-wedding Q&A sesh with Boyfriend. It's one thing knowing how you have been feeling during the lead up to the wedding, but it can be quite another for your other half. 

What has been your favourite part about the wedding planning process so far? 

J: To be honest I've enjoyed quite a lot of the process. But I think my favourite parts have been more towards the end. We've done quite a few DIY bits and pieces and I've headed those up, so it's been good to see all those happen. It's going to sound really lame, but I've really enjoyed how much upcycling we've done too!

B: Doing the table plans, imagining all the different dynamics between our groups of friends and family.

What has been your least favourite? 

J: Writing my vows. It's not that I haven't enjoyed it. I just found it really difficult.

B: Not getting to taste our menu. :( 

Is there any part you wish you could have done differently? 

J: Not really. I am so excited to see how every element is going to come together on the day. Both of us have been really excited and involved in the wedding planning process, and I think that will be reflected on the day.

B: The Stag Do. I would have liked to have gone camping or stayed in a bothy. 

Which part of the wedding day are you looking forward to the most? 

J: I'm not going to lie. Of course the vows I'm looking forward to (even though I know I'll be crying the whole way through,) but I'm also looking forward to seeing what everyone is wearing, the wedding breakfast, and dancing the night away! 

B: Seeing Jackie in her dress for the first time walking up the aisle towards me. 

What's the main piece of advice you would give to someone planning a wedding? 

J: Try not to stress. I'm a HUGE stresshead, and it can make me very wound up, but Boyfriend has done a great job at reining me in, whether that's taking my phone off me, giving me advice, or really romantic things like running me a hot bath and playing me some really relaxing music. At the end of it all it's our day, and we should get to enjoy it the way we want to. 

B: Be patient, don't fuss, and don't lose sight of the fact it's both of your big day and no one else's. 

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