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Hair by: Little Hair Room
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Photo Credit: Polly and Sam Makeup

It's all systems go in our house at the moment. We've got wedding planning coming out of our ears, and now it's getting down to the nitty-gritty, and tying up loose ends, it can be a little bit stressful thinking about the logistics of pulling everything together for the Big Day.

So it was really nice to have some well-earned girly bride-time a few weeks ago and attend y hair and make up trials. It has been an aspect I have been looking forward to for ages, and having just had my last wedding dress fitting, it really gave me the change to envisage how everything will come together.

When it came to my hair, after a few times wearing it down at my fittings, I knew this couldn't be an option. My hair is really thick and heavy, and just after ten minutes of being in my dress, my neck was sticky and beads of sweat were forming at my brow. Pinterest came in really handy at collating my ideas. I didn't want something too polished - I have messy, crazy hair most of the time, so something too neat would have really looked out of place.

 I was all about the boho inspired messy curls, and that the hairstyle I had needed to look effortless. I am not one for fuss (the wedding reflects that a lot) and for me, simplicity is key. With my lovely hairdresser at Little Hair Room knowing all of this, I left my hair in her hands and she got to work creating something so beautiful, I couldn't help but cheesily gasp at the end "Oh..I fee like a princess!"

When it came to make up, Pinterest again was my best friend. I didn't want to stray away from the look I usually go for. I wanted to stay true to the way I feel the most beautiful. The last thing I wanted to do was try something new. Wedding photos last forever, and I'd hate in years to come to look back and wonder what the hell I was thinking.

The look that was created for me was everything I had hoped for. I was very insistent on the fact that I wanted my skin to glow, and it really did. There was drama, and a hint of smokiness, but it still looked quite natural. And it stayed in place all day and all night (I went to bed super-late the day I had it done and it hadn't shifted.)

I just can't wait to have it all re-created on the big day. It's coming up fast.... 3 weeks to go...!

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