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As the years have gone by, where I once would pile on the jewellery left right and centre, unafraid to break out the bling and sparkle from sunrise to sunset, I have found myself really toning it down. In place of more colourful jewellery pieces, I am now drawn more towards classic pieces that go with everything, and will never go out of style. 

I have been a fan of the handmade jewellery from Teardrop Designs for a while now. Delicate, dainty, and so pretty, each piece carries a message, and evokes a feeling or emotion. As one who always tried to look on the sunnier side of things, walk with a spring in my step, and generally practise positivity, the "Bee Happy" necklace from instantly sang to me. 

bee necklace by teardrop designs

bee necklace by teardrop designs

Sitting on a silver chain, the bee charm is just beautiful. Not overbearing. or too large it rests just under my collarbone, and is the perfect piece to finish off any outfit, and the perfect pick for day or night time looks. The whimsy of the bee charm and the understated chic of the silver charm balance each other out beautiful, creating the most perfect quirky necklace that still feels elegant and grown up. Layer it with a longer pendant or let it stand in the limelight on its own, this pretty little piece is timeless, and carries with it a message that really resonates with me.

 It stands as a reminder to me the important place positivity has in my life, and how the best way to tap in to that happiness is to embrace who I am, and to not be ashamed to pursue the things that bring me joy. It may sound cheesy guys (I know it does,) but having that association with a piece of jewellery is something that is really powerful. 

It is so important to support up and coming brands, and Teardrop really deserves praise. With a selection of necklaces and bracelets that are just so beautiful and understated, each carrying an uplifting message, they have really crated something rather special, and something that feels incredibly personal. Each piece is "made with love and care" and Teardrop are kindly extending that love to JAG readers by offering you guys 20% off when ordering online with the code TEARDROP16

At a price that in no way breaks the bank, and with a range of jewellery that is pretty as it is positive, please go and check them out! And remember: 

Be True. Be You. Be Happy.
*This post is in collaboration with Teardrop Designs, who very kindly sent me the "Bee Happy" necklace to review. All my reviews are 100% honest, and are true to my thoughts, tastes, and feelings.

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