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As soon as we get engaged and set a wedding date, there seems to be this notion that we need to think about embarking on a bridal diet journey. And I'm not going to lie. At the start I was all for it - I even wrote myself out a diet plan. This lasted about two weeks before I realised - I just couldn't do it!  I love my food. Food bring me joy. I wasn't going to be giving anything up without a fight.

But later down the line, after Id tried on my wedding dress a few times, and realised that I just had to comes to grips with the fact that I had a "curvaceously sexy" (big) derrière, that I should probably at least try to be good and not go overboard with the midnight snacking, time-of-the-month chocolate binges, and overloading on pesto pasta.

For those of you who are like me, enjoy dining out, sipping the fizz, and generally being an all-out foodie, but still want to switch things up a bit in preparation for your Big Day, here is what I did to ensure I didn't go OTT.

I present to you The Anti Bridal-Diet Diet

1. Everything In Moderation

...Without denying yourself anything. The last thing I want is someone telling me I can only have this much, only have this portion size. It just makes it worse, and I crave things more. If you're going out, drink that prosecco, eat that pudding, enjoy that steak. Just maybe don't do it every single night. Eat until you are full, and don't feel like you have to finish what's on your plate (even though you really want to.)

2. Kings, Queens & Paupers

The biggest thing for me is snacking during the day, especially when I was in work. I would just find myself getting so hungry, then picking at food and desperately needing something for the commute home. So I tried out the "Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Queen, Dine like a pauper" method. By eating a bigger breakfast, medium sized lunch, and smaller dinner, I didn't find myself getting as hungry (or irritable.) Of course I didn't stick to this all the time. If I was going out, I ate whatever I wanted, but went back to this the next day. No "eat X with Y" diet plans involved. Just eating good food, a balanced diet wherever possible, and never, ever denying myself a little cheeky something for dessert!

3. Don't Stress

Hands up who has had a wedding nightmare. I know along the way I have a few, mostly featuring something disastrous happening to my wedding dress. Fears like this are inevitable, but it's been really important not to let things get to me. I know when I've indulged a little too much, and pull back, and everything's fine. And regardless, Boyfriend is marrying me for who I am, and not the person I think I should be for one day of our lives together. And we are going to look stunning on our wedding day, so let's sit back, relax and enjoy the wedding planning experience, because before we know it, that special day will soon be upon us!

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