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Image: Keyhole Studios
As soon as we started to think about wedding planning, I had a pretty clear-set idea of the style of the photographer I wanted. Never having ever been a fan of hundreds of staged shots, I wanted somebody who was going to capture the true essence of the day. The natural reactions, smiles, tears that might have otherwise been missed. A photographer who would take photographs that showcased the true emotions of the day. After months and months of collecting my thoughts on a Pinterest board, when it came to booking a photographer, I knew I was going to be rather picky. 

It was Ryan who first mentioned Keyhole Studios, already being familiar with the company. It didn't take much convincing for me to know that they were a very strong contender. Soon after, and having seen some of Keyhole's work showcased at wedding fayres, I knew I didn't want to look anywhere else. Aside from fitting in with our budget (a photographer was something we'd set aside more for,) Keyhole Studios seemed to have a style that I was really drawn too. Just looking through the galleries on their website, there was the perfect blend of both staged and candid shots that I was looking for. Plus, having worked at our venue before, I was reassured that they would also have an understanding of it, and could set up shots that sung the praises of the d├ęcor, as well as fitting in with our vintage shabby chic theme. 

Throughout the lead up to the wedding, Keyhole were on hand to answer questions and concerns, and we felt well and truly looked after as customers. It's been something I found with a number of our vendors, that even though individually they must have worked with hundreds (if not thousands) of brides and grooms to be, they never made us feel like a number. And Keyhole was no exception. And this was especially noticeable when we had our pre-wedding meeting. 

Knowing I was going to be incredibly specific when it came to shots and angles I wanted on the wedding day, I needed to make sure I'd gotten all my concerns off my chest - namely addressing the issue of my left arm. I'm incredibly vain, and love being the centre of attention, and whereas ordinarily, I couldn't give two hoots about people snapping away, cameras all on me, I wanted angles that were going to be as flattering as possible so that there was no possibility that when the photos came back, I would just pick them apart. And Keyhole really listened to that, taking note, and reassuring me that on the day, it would be my right side and not my left that was photographed, and that my left arm was always at a flattering angle. 

Just Add Ginger blog
Image: Keyhole Studios
And on the day, everything that was talked over was treated with respect, and held in confidence. I didn't have to mention my arm or angles, because instantly these were taken in to account, and shots arranged in a way that both Ryan and I felt comfortable. Both Eugene and Danielle who were capturing the day, worked in seamless partnership, and made us feel totally at ease, ensuring we were happy, comfortable, rallying guests, and listening to us when it was clear we needed a break. 

There is one moment that I recall so clearly, and that I was so grateful for. I'd been so calm getting ready, but as we got closer and closer to leaving for the wedding venue, the nerves started to really kick in. MG had started to stress and sensing me being close to tears, Eugene came over and asked me if I was okay. It was a gesture that was so small, but meant so much, and really made me feel taken care of, and it was this positive, caring attitude that Keyhole carried with them as they worked for the rest of the day. Nothing was a problem for them, and they did not leave without asking if they had captured all the shots we wanted. It really was amazing service.

Image: Keyhole Studios
And now comes the difficult part. Keyhole Studios captured incredible shots of our day. We love all thousand-odd they took on the day, and I really don't know how we are going to choose a selection for our wedding album. And if that doesn't sing the praises of Keyhole in itself, I don't know what will. We could not have asked for a more professional, creative, and caring company to photograph our day. They have taken a snapshot of a moment in time in such a bespoke way, that even just thinking about the photographs now is making me all choked up.

On their blog, Keyhole have imparted details of their experience, as well as information about their photography style , and dedication to achieving the perfect shot - just from reading their posts it is clear how dedicated and passionate they are about what they do.

So if you are a bride or groom to be, and you haven't chosen your photographer yet, please go and check out Keyhole Studios website. For photography that is both beautiful and timeless, I couldn't think of anyone better.

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