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Graze Box has been something that has been on my Foodie radar for quite a while. I think I am what you might call a 'serial snacker,' so the concept of receiving a little box full of bite size delights really appealed to me. But for some reason, I'd never really made the commitment. 

Until we came back from our mini-moon. Then everything was different. After a week of cheeky afternoon beers, loads of cheese, cured meats and cocktails, it was time to make a food adjustment, and cut out (or at least try to) as much gourmet food at possible. Leading up to the wedding it had been a whirlwind of pre-wedding celebrations, meals and meet ups, and my diet just wasn't the best. Something had to change - and it was time to try something to keep my snacking to a minimum. 

I have to say I really enjoyed the sign-up process for Graze Box. The hard part was trying to decide just which box to choose. With over twenty to choose from, this was no easy feat. Settling for the Variety Box, and selecting how frequently I wanted my subscription box to arrive, it was then time to rate my snacks. There was something very satisfying about scrolling down a list of snacks and selecting which ones sounded the best. With Graze Box, there is also an option to eliminate snacks that contain things you are allergic to, really don't like, or don't fit in with your dietary requirements, so there was no chance any celery, radish or artificial cherry would be popping up anywhere - Phew! 

Just Add Ginger

It was with baited breath I sat and waited for the first box to arrive. I was just so excited to open it up, see what was inside, and find out if it would help me with my incurable snacking in any way. As soon as I heard the plop of the box through my letterbox, I knew I just had to take a peek inside. The fact that Graze Box fits through your letterbox is a fabulous selling point on it's own. There's no worry about it being sent to the sorting office, being left with a neighbour who is never in, or having to wait in for it to arrive. As soon as you get home from work or a day out, it will be there waiting for you. And I think that's marvellous.

Just taking a look inside the box I instantly knew which snack packs I was going to enjoy the most. The Cookies & Cream immediately sang to my sweet-toothy, whilst the herby Bread Basket appealed to my savoury side. So naturally, these were the boxes I tried out first.

My instincts were right. I definitely enjoyed these two boxes the most. Both were absolutely jam-packed full of flavour, and absolutely delicious. The perfect mid-afternoon snacks, and both really appealing to my love of picking at food. This is going to be a bit controversial, but I think I actually preferred the Cookies & Cream snack pack to eating an actual chocolate bar, mainly because the experience lasted longer. There was still a big hit of chocolate from the chocolate buttons, mini cocoa cookies and cocoa fudge, but the sunflower seeds added something much more interesting.

The flapjack was a surprising delight. Airing on the side of caution, I shared this one with Ryan, and waited for him to try a little bit first before I took a bite. A squishy, perfectly cooked piece of flapjack greeted me and dispelled any apprehension of receiving a sweet treat that was too dry and chewy. As reluctant I was after that to share, Ryan and I split all the flapjack fingers and had them as a pudding one day after tea.

The only box I really was not sold on was the bountiful berries. The cranberries, green raisins and blueberries contained therein were lovely, don't get me wrong, but it was the goldenberries that I didn't get along with. They added a sharp sort of tang to the selection that just seemed out of place for me. I suppose they might be an acquired taste, but I really was not a fan. I finished off the pack, but left these to one side. One taste was enough for me.

Just Add Ginger

So? Do I think Graze Box will help stop my serial snacking? Yes! And I've already seen quite a difference. In conjunction with eating more satisfying main meals (if you follow me on Twitter you will know how obsessed I am with avocado,) and a more nutritious flexitarian diet all-round, I don't find myself feeling the need to have a cheeky chocolate chomp at all. It was my time of the month last week, and do you know how many times I reached for the chocolate? Once. Once! That's normally unheard of for me. By having little boxes of sweet and savoury treats to snack on, I didn't find the need to reach for things that are not so good for me, not knowing when to stop. It's helped so far, and I really hope it continues to help.

My Graze Box comes in at £3.99 a week, which I don't think is bad at all. If I'm finding the frequency is too much, I can always manage the timing of my boxes' arrival and receive them bi-weekly instead. And if we go on holiday, I can snooze my box too. I really do love the flexibility that comes with this subscription, and having received my second box, and seen the snack selection I've received this time, I think I've made a really good choice!

If you have not subscribed to Graze Box before, and you would like to give it a go, click the link below:


For more information about Graze Box, including the different boxes you can receive, click here

Are you a serial snacker too? What do you do to help?


  1. Your hair is the most beautiful thing! I adore Graze boxes and had a period of being completely addicted to them xD sadly I then had morning sickness and didn't want to eat anything, but I'll definitely look in to signing up again, I love the sound of the Cookies and Cream and the flapjack sounds lush! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Aw thank you so much! :) The Cookies & Cream is absolutely amazing. I think it's coming again in this week's Graze Box (yes, I love it that much lol :D )


  2. Omg I love the flapjacks from them! Is it really bad that before we went on holiday I clicked 'hate' on everything except the really sweet stuff think it was apple and cinnamon flapjack and I think it was chocolate and honeycomb, and millionaire chocolate fudge (one with chocolate chips, fudge and cranberries), while grain biscuits with berry compot, I did this on mine and hubby's boxes so I could eat them on the flight to Florida. Ended up not eating them on way there cos of morning (or as I called it all day night and week of pregnancy) sickness but they made great snacks round all the parks lol

    1. Haha - the sweet boxes are amazing. My Cookies & Creme barely touched the sides yeaterday. And that flapjack was so yummy. What other sweet ones should I look out for?

      I really love how transportable the boxes are. Perfect for lunches, or on the go eating. I think I might have to save some up to take whilst we go away in the summer. Feeling bad on the flight can't have been too nice :( Did your morning sickness last the whole flight?


    2. My morning sickness stared at 6 weeks and stopped the day after I had Emily so 32week of 24hr sickness, it was a nightmare. It was at HG (can't remember what it's called) rather than morning sickness.
      Get a box or two delivered a day or two before you go. That's what I did and I will do before we next go away. They didn't have different names when I was getting them, only variety box. I loved one that was white chocolate buttons and raspberry flavoured cranberries but not sure what it was called. I used to love the fruit one that was strawberrys Apple and something else. And the Apple with toffee sauce is lovely, it's so moreish tho! xXx