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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Bra

One of the most difficult elements of wedding planning I cam across was finding just the right wedding bra. Without going in to too much detail, I don't have the biggest bust, and needed something that was going to lift, give me really good shape, and eliminate any risk of any over-exposing. A task, that when it came down to it, seemed almost impossible. After a few failed attempt of searching on the high street, I by chance took a look at the Boux Avenue website, where I found the most perfect bra for me.

I have tried out long line bras before and I have to say that they are the style that suit me best. The longer length means that there is no chance that there is going to be any slipping, and I like the way the extra fabric helps to streamline my shape. With time running out - I had to buy my wedding lingerie before my first "proper" dress fitting - I popped in to the Liverpool One store, praying that they would have one in my size.

Finding the perfect wedding bra is such an important factor in terms of your comfortability on the day, and is something that I think you should really take in to account. Not only is it important to find something you're going to be comfy in all day, but different style and shape dresses may require different underwear, as well as bust shape. I've had incidences in the past where bras have not fitted properly and have slipped, or the back has been ill-fitting and dug in to my skin, leaving those angry looking marks. I couldn't let anything like that happen on the Big Day. The last thing I wanted was to be bouncing around like a fool because my bra was driving me insane. Everything had to be just right, because once I had had my first dress fitting, there was no turning back.

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Bra

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Bra

At first, I couldn't see my size. Crossing all my fingers and trying not to lose hope, I caught the eye of one of the sales assistants, and asked her if there was a chance there would be any in my size in the stock room. I was so happy when she emerged clutching some in her hands. In addition to my normal size, she had brought out one with a small back to try. I grabbed my normal size, and headed in to the fitting rooms (on a side note - have you seen the fitting rooms in Boux Avenue? Gorgeous!) 

In my eyes you can't truly test out whether a bra fits unless you dance around pretending you are BeyoncĂ©'s back up dancer, throwing out shapes to Single Ladies. So that's exactly what I did. Even though the bra felt really comfortable, the fit wasn't 100% perfect. It would have done, because Berketex Bride were going to put something in the dress the bra could be attached to, but if I'd have gone for that size I wouldn't have felt entirely at ease. But I loved the design. From the fine lace detail on the cups, to the trim on the sides it was just beautiful and elegant, and definitely a piece of lingerie that I could wear with dresses after the wedding and really get bank for my buck. Even though the size I tried wasn't perfect, and I was just a bit too jiggly, I knew this was the bra style I wanted to go for. 

Calling back the sales assistant, I tried on the slightly smaller size. Naturally the band of the bra was much more fitted, and took a little force to pull round (I punched myself in the face trying to do this.) However, once I'd got 'dressed' properly, the fit was a lot better. Bringing out the back up dancer moves, there was no chance that there were going to be any slips in this size, and when the sales assistant returned, she agreed with me. I paid and left the store with my Boux Avenue bag in hand, with one extra thing ticked off the bridal wear list. 

On the Big Day, I was so comfortable. I wore the bra strapless, but if it had started to annoy me, MG had the straps on hand to do a quick change in the bathroom. And having that back up plan really helped to put my mind at ease. Obviously if your wedding dress is strapless, your lingerie choices are more limited, but if your dress has either opaque or sheer sleeves, I'd definitely recommend getting a multi-way bra, or a bra that you can attach clear straps to

Finding a bra that you can wear after your wedding day too is also a plus, and I think that goes hand and hand with comfort levels. I spent a little bit more on my wedding bra because it took so long to find the right one and I wanted to make sure the quality was there. And I know that if I didn't wear that piece of lingerie again, it would be a little disappointing. By taking in to consideration my personal taste, as well as the colour I needed, I now have a bra that I can wear over and over again, that I know will always fit well (unless my cup/back size changes of course).

But the main piece of advice I think I can give is leave it in the hands of the professionals and go to a shop that offers bra fitting services - places like M&S and of course Boux Avenue are perfect. Explain what you are looking for in your bra, styles you prefer, and listen to the recommendations you are given. I might take you a while to find your perfect match, but having that advice and guidance in place might make the search a little easier.

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