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Clapham, Yorkshire

Clapham, Yorkshire

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Appleby Castle

It was pretty much a given that as soon as the wedding was over, we wanted to go away. After a year and a half of anticipation, animated excitement, and planning, we needed something to prolong our giddiness after the Big Day. 

So a few months prior to tying the knot, I booked us in for a little mini-moon in Yorkshire, heading back to the village we discovered and fell in love with, Clapham. There was so much we didn't get time to do the first time around, that going back for five days would give us perfect opportunity for a bit of an explore. And we knew that by using Brookhouse as a base, we would be well looked after when we returned after a long day out in the fresh air. 

The week was spent taking in the scenery, exploring the local town of Settle, and even an spontaneous trip to Appleby (the intention was to go to Carlisle for the day, but I'm very glad we ended up here instead). Evenings were beer and fine food-filled, cosying up next to fires, and floating on the post-wedding cloud that we were really not ready to come down from. So much so in fact, that it got to Tuesday, and we decided that we didn't want to go home on Friday, so booked ourselves on a weekend in York to round off the trip. 

Heading back to Yorkshire was perfect. It's a part of the country that I don't think I'll ever tire from visiting. Just looking out over the rolling countryside, and stark, scenery is enough to tug at my Romantic heartstrings. 

Clapham, Yorkshire

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The Traddock

From chocolate-box villages, to towns filled with character, picturesque surroundings, and pubs and cafes that you could spend all day in relaxing, Yorkshire really ticked all the boxes when it came to a mini-moon destination, and really gave us that bit of time to sit back, let out a contented sigh, and take in everything that had happened on our wedding day - reminiscing, catching up, and just spending time together as newly-weds. Ryan really wanted to go somewhere where I had no choice but to stop and relax, and Yorkshire definitely did that. It's like a home away from home for us now, and I can't wait to make more and more memories there each time we go back.

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