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I had seen bits and pieces floating around the blogosphere about the Rosie For Autograph make up collection at Marks and Spencer before deciding that was one bandwagon I had to jump on. The eternal magpie, it was the packaging that drew me in first. Sleek, chic and rose gold. What more could you ask for? It looked gorgeous. 

Wanting to be selective, and honing in on the things I actually needed, I put in my order for the Eyeshadow Palette in I Feel Like A Million Dollars, the Insta Lash mascara in Black, and Highlighter Powder in Rose Bud. I could totally have gone overboard, but I didn't want to pick up too many things just in case we didn't get along.

As soon as I saw my little stash in person I couldn't help but swoon over the packaging. It looks so luxurious and glamorous that I just couldn't wait to open everything up and get experimenting. Call me silly, but having this type of make up in my collection really makes me feel like a grown up. It looks so much more high-end than it is, and just looking at it makes me get a warm fuzzy inside. With Rosie's signature delicately embossed on each of the pieces, the packaging doesn't look cheesy or tacky. It's the kind of make up I'd display with pride of place on my beauty shelf. In short, I loved it.

But you can't always judge a book by it's cover. As pretty as the packaging was, was I going to be just as impressed with the quality of the products themselves? Or was it going to be the type of make up you don't really like, rarely use, but keep because it looks lovely? Not being able to contain myself, I cracked open all three products and decided to test them out all together, starting out with the eyeshadow palette.

Smooth, creamy, finely milled, and full of pigment, each eyeshadow glided on to my lids with ease, and were incredibly easy to blend, with both day and night time looks easily achievable. A creature of habit, I love my neutral and earthy browns and taupe colours, and this palette definitely did not disappoint. All the shades completely complement each other, and work really well with my skin tone. It's such a cute little quad that it would be the perfect travel companion. With this in your travel beauty bag, you wouldn't really need much else. Since first using it, it's now really the only palette I've been turning to of late, and I can see that being the case for quite a while.

The highlighter powder I was a little apprehensive of at first, for the simple fact that I usually make a totally mess out of loose powders. So you can imagine my delight when, upon twisting open the top of the container, I discovered there was a little mesh insert by which I could control how much of the product I could dispense by tapping it in to the lid. Something that, if you're like me, I totally recommend! The highlighter itself was beautiful, with a cool-toned frostiness that again really worked with my skin tone, adding a subtle, yet buildable glow that looked incredibly natural. It is a little tricky to blend, but I find that by using a denser brush, you can get that subtle finish instead of a stripe of highlight across your cheekbone.

Out of all three of my purchases, it has been Inst Lash that has taken the most getting used to. When I first applied it, I found it to be quite a wet formulation, and as someone who is terrible at applying mascara, it went al over my upper lids. However, I will say that after using the mascara for a few weeks, the application process has got better. I'm not sure if it's because the product has dried out a touch, or if I'm just getting better at this stage in my make up routine, but now we're getting on famously. It's one of those mascaras that helps to create really voluminous lashes without that spidery effect, and I love the overall look it creates. Perfect for wearing during the day, but something that can be really amped up for the evening. An all round winner in my book.

I have been really impressed with everything I picked up so far. They have quickly become staples in my make up routine, and I wouldn't hesitate in picking up more of the range. (I've already got my eye on the lipsticks and cream eyeshadow sticks!)

If you want to see how I've been wearing all the Rosie For Autograph products I picked up together, I preview a look in my Spring GRWM.

To take a peek at the full Rosie For Autograph make up collection, click here, and let me know which products are catching your eye!

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