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I don't often tend to share this side of me on my blog too much. It's not that I'm ashamed, or bashful, but there is an innate fear within me that by bearing my soul, the world will judge me. 

From early on, I knew that words were going to play a big part in who I was going to be. Forever writing stories, in the playground my friends begged to be a part of them, and I, only too happy to indulge their pleas. To them, I was a writer.

As I got older, I've become more protective over my stories. They are my babies - I have poured so much love into them that I am terrified of anybody criticising them. But stories are written to be shared. To be read. To be spoken. It's time to be brave, to open up!

So....*deep breath*.... here we go ....


“Please, Bethany, gerr’off him!”
            “Why should I, Bogey Face?”
            “You’re hurting him.”
            Amy jumped up from her bed, trying to reach the captive teddy bear that was dangling from Bethany’s arm. She missed. Bethany ran out to the landing and began to swing the bear round and round her head like a helicopter blade.
            “If only you’d listened to me, Bogey Face.”
            “But I told you, I wasn’t anywhere near the living room. I couldn’t see what you were doing in there. I was up here.”
            “You were spying on me!”
            “I wasn’t!”
            Bethany swung the bear faster and faster. Amy could just make out his terrified face as it whizzed in front of her. Mr Tubbs was the only piece of Dad that she had left. The poor teddy was tattered and frail. Mum had suggested that Amy send him to a charity shop, but she couldn’t bear to see him go. He still smelt like Dad. 
            “Bethany, please. You’re really hurting him,” Amy pleaded.
            “Aw,” Bethany sniggered. “Poor Mr Tubby-wubs.”
            Amy started to cry. All she wanted was Mr Tubbs back, but she knew that Bethany would not give in easily. She could see the corner of Mr Tubbs’ ear that was coming unstitched, straining under the swinging.
            Bethany laughed again.
            “Bogey Face, Bogey Face. Your dad is dead, so shut your face.”
            That was the last straw. Amy lunged for the captive teddy bear. Bethany squealed in delight. Ever since Bethany and her dad had moved in, Bethany had tormented Amy as much as possible. 
            Amy caught one of Mr Tubbs’ feet. It wasn’t a firm grip, and she could feel Bethany trying to pull him up again, ready for another spin. Amy started to tug on the bear’s foot harder, but she could see that the ear by which Bethany had hold of him was starting to loosen. She had no choice.
            She had to let go.
                Amy didn’t realise that Bethany was going to release her grip at the same time. Before Amy knew, Mr Tubbs was up in the air. Well, at least his body was. Amy swore she saw Mr Tubbs wink at her as he tumbled over the banister and disappeared from sight.
Mr Tubbs’ ear lay on the carpet next to Bethany’s foot, torn, and stuffing-less. Bethany glanced down at the ear, and then Amy’s face, and then burst out laughing again.
“Poor Mr Tubby-wubs went for a ride. He fell downstairs and then he...”
“Don’t!” Amy screamed. “This is all your fault. It’ll never be the same now because of you.”
“Me?” Bethany screeched. “If you hadn’t lied about being downstairs, I wouldn’t have taken your stupid bear.”
Amy had had enough. She stormed past Bethany, knocking her to one side. She hurried down the stairs, following the trail of stuffing that had flown out of the bear. She found Mr Tubbs lying at the bottom of the stairs, face down on the carpet.
Amy could hear Bethany’s laughter coming from behind her. Amy wished sometimes that Bethany and her dad would just disappear. She hated them being here. All she wanted was things to go back to how they used to be. But they wouldn’t. She gathered up her bear and as much stuffing as she could and sat in the middle of the hallway. Bethany had threatened Mr Tubbs before, but she had never followed through. The damage done today could be irreparable.
“I’m so, so sorry,” Amy said as she cradled Mr Tubbs in her arms, squeezing him as tightly as she could. “Please don’t hate me.”
“Saddo,” Bethany taunted, coming down the stairs and cowering over Amy. “Least now you’ll know not to listen in on me again.”
Amy covered her face with her hands.
And cried.

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