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When I was pregnant this time round I was convinced the baby would come early. Eric was born at 40+6 and in my head, knowing that second babies could arrive sooner meant that this one was destined to fit that mould. 

However, when I hit 40+6 this time I had started to lose faith that this baby was ever going to arrive. I was so fed up that my decision to wait things out until he was ready had gone out the window and all I wanted was him to get the bloody hell out of me.

image shows newborn baby wrapped in a cellular blanket and laying in a cot.

Ezra William Everest entered this world on 23rd July 2019 at 6.22am at 41+1 weeks. He was a pink and cuddly 8lbs 9oz chunk, born at home on our sofa after a labour that lasted about 24 hours (latent and active). Everything got a bit chaotic just before he was born because I was convinced I needed to go to hospital for more pain relief but after a few moments of calm he appeared after just a couple of pushes (I honestly thought I was just having a poo)!

It was so hard keeping his name a secret but I love it so much I didn't want anyone to spoil it. It's very much a 'me' name. And after a while of hating every name I heard I wanted to hold his close to my chest until he was actually here: 

Ezra is a name both Ryan and I loved. I know it's a really popular name at the moment but I've only ever known one other Ezra so I loved how unique it sounded. It also complemented Eric's name really well and they just roll off the tongue really easily. I can just picture them in the future being thick as thieves and off playing together outside with me shouting down the garden "Eric, Ezra...it's dinner time...."

William is a family name from my side that I wanted to use in the memory of my great uncle who passed away a few years ago. I liked all the soft sounds and how melodic and rhythmic it made his full name sound too - like he might grow up to be an artiste of some kind one day.

Everest was the part of baby's name that I was so scared people would judge. I don't know of anyone who has used it or has it as a name but I think it is just beautiful. Both Ryan and I love the great outdoors, and I just couldn't help but think what a stunning name it would make. We were going to use something else as his second middle name but one day I was listening to the Everest soundtrack in the shower and realised I would be devastated if we didn't get to use it. 

It's taken a while for me to settle into our brand new family dynamic (with two children under three life never seems to stop) but we are slowly getting there, hence my lack of content over the past month or so. Finding time for everything is tricky and often you need to decide what is more important to you - food, sleep or a wee - but I'm ready to start getting back on track. 

So be prepared for a lot more mummy-related content both here and on my YouTube channel. I won't be committing myself to my usual schedule just yet but I have lots of plans for future posts. But without Ezra having a routine just yet, I never know what time I have to play around with! 

Here's to the next chapter....I have a feeling it's going to be a crazy one (in the best sense of the word)!

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