The Romance Tag

I think all of the people who know me well, know just how much of a romantic person I am...I am a sucker for that crazy little thing we call love, and go all mushy at the sight of anything romantical. I am not ashamed to admit that I cry at romantic films, books, and even songs. 

I am a big, fat ball of ginger mush! 

Mmmm.....such a sexy image! 

I really wanted to do a "Romance Tag". I couldn't find many out there, so thought I'd create my own one....so here we go! 

1) Favourite romantic film?

"Gone with the Wind", all the way. This is one of my ALL TIME favourite films. The passion between Rhett and Scarlett is just amazing, and the final scenes never fail to make me cry! 

2) Idea of a perfect date?

If this is a date where there are no limitations, I would be picked up in an amazing car by my date, whisked away to a beautiful spot in the countryside or at the coast, and we'd sit and have a picnic at dusk and watch the sun go down, then go for a moonlit wander and look at the stars. And of course, I'd be wearing a fabulous outfit and there'd be a small orchestra playing in the background. 

3) Favourite leading man in film/literature? 

Heathcliff from "Wuthering Heights"! Always and forever. To me, Heathcliff is the epitome of everything beautiful and romantic (except for the doomed love part.) I mean, c'mon, The poor guy is in love with one woman for his whole life, and goes away to prove that he is the kind of person worthy of being with her. Cathy and Heathcliff's love is doomed, but 100% unquestionably true. They were made for each other. What girl doesn't want a love like that? 

4) Favourite heroine in literature? 

Catherine from "Northanger Abbey". She is a fantasist and a dreamer, always losing herself in fiction. She goes through a bit of a rubbish time to bag the man of her dreams, and thinks all hope is gone, then finds a happy ending. If I could put myself in anybody's shoes, it would be hers. Love isn't love without a bit of an adventure.

5) Favourite love song? 

When I was younger, my ultimate love song was "Kissing You" by Des'ree from the "Romeo & Juliet" soundtrack. I LOVE that film, and the song is so fitting. just thinking about it makes me feel stupidly emotional. "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls has always been a favourite. Every time I hear it I get that fuzzy feeling in my tummy.

6) Romantic film guaranteed to make you cry? 

OMG there are too many...I cry a bit too easily. Probably number 1 is "Gone with the Wind", then "Romeo & Juliet"...."Up" is another one, and I've also been known to cry in episodes of "Buffy" (even though it's not a film!)

7) Have you ever been in love? 

Yes! Absolutely!! And there is no better feeling!

8) Kisses or cuddles? 

Both. Cuddles are amazing because they make me feel all safe and secure, and completely untouchable to anything else. Kisses are best when they are spontaneous....I'm not into big PDA's, so for me, kissing is best if you are alone with your significant other, but if you are with somebody, and they just HAVE to kiss you right then and there, then that's pretty spectacular. 

9) What's the best way to sweep you off your feet? 

Just make me feel needed and wanted. Having somebody there, listening to what you say and caring about it, surprising you with small things if you are having a shitty day, or being there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on, or somebody to vent at. Of course, a big "sweep" would be surprising me with a love letter, an unexpected date to dinner, or being whisked away for a romantic weekend. 

10) What's the best way to be romantic? 

To be spontaneous. If you want to be with somebody, tell them. If you are thinking about somebody, let them know. If you love somebody, don't tell them out of habit, tell them when they least expect to hear it and when you really feel it. Plan things to do with your partner from time to time that are a little bit away from the norm to bring some adventure into your relationship. Surprise them with small gestures to show that you care....run them a bath, give them a massage, or even just hold them if they've had a crap day! Make them feel like the most important person in the world. There's no better feeling for anybody than knowing how special they are! At least that's what I think.

Ginger x


  1. Great tag, I am such a big sap as well. Thought Id share my answers:
    1. PS I love you
    2. Hiking up a mountain only to be greeted at the top with a candle lit table and dinner for 2 with my favourite meal, then camping under the stars being massaged and pampered all night, then a helicopter ride home.
    3. Jondalar from Earths Children
    4. Ayla from Earths Children
    5. Next to You by Chris Brown
    6. I dont really cry very much but I did cry at a few Buffy episodes when I was younger, especially Prom when Angel showed up!!
    7. Yes, twice, I feel very lucky to say so.
    8. Cuddles now but when I was younger it was kisses.
    9. To actually sweep me off my feet! I love being swooped up and carried away or even just lifted up during a bear hug.
    10. I agree with you, being spontaneous but I also thinking knowing what your partner wants, my hubby knows I hate eating in public so would never take me to a restaurant and instead would cook me a meal at home or once when we did go out to eat he bought out a section of the restaurant so we would be alone.

    Great tag :)

    1. Lovely answers! Glad you enjoyed the tag. I couldn't find anything else out there like it. Your idea of a perfect date sounds lovely!! I've not heard of Earth's Children. I'll have to investigate that one! :)

      Ginger x