Fashion Haul Feb/March 2013

I LOVE shopping, 
Shopping LOVES me, 
It doth fill me much with glee..... 

Buuuutttt....My purse hates it! Times are hard, so lately, I've been really focusing on choosing key items that I can wear loads, and that are on the lower end of the expense scale. 

These are the items I've picked up over the last month or so fashion-wise. Another haul post for my beauty buys will be coming next week. 

As always, please don't think I'm showing off. I just wanted to share things that I have picked up. You may see something that you like, and then you can go and pick it up too! Yippee!!! 


The dress on the right is actually more red, but the photo makes it look slightly different.

 Firstly, a big, fat APOLOGY. I know that the dress on the right is a tad creased. I had worn it out to town, and it was queued up to be washed.

I picked up both of these dresses from Primark. They are the classic skater dress, with an empire line and capped sleeve. Basic style, and an absolute staple. These dresses are so flattering, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion (it's so important to be I have crossover items in my wardrobe.) The dresses finish mid-thigh on me, so are the perfect length for a day or night look, and the tiny sleeves are so flattering!. I'd nip in the waist of these dresses using a black waist belt to add more definition, and for a more casual look, throw on a boyfriend/oversized cardigan

Both of these dresses were £5 each - bargainous!

I picked up this dress for £10 during an H&M event, but the  normal price is £14.99

 I was out shopping with Mama Ginger in H&M when I saw this dress. I walked passed it, and the print caught my eye. The style I was a bit unsure of though. I'm not the most confident in wearing bodycon dresses, but I thought "Hey-ho, I'll give it a go." I didn't regret it when tried it on. The black paneling at the side is incredibly flattering, and creates the illusion of creating more of an hourglass shape. The fabric has a good stretch too, which, for me, is golden (I have been known to get stuck in dresses trying to get them off!)  The print is bright and bold, and just looking at it makes me feel more free, wild and daring! 

All the dresses in this haul I have featured in my Spring Nights Lookbook if you want to see how I'd style them up for a night out


Another beautiful Primark find. I don't know if you find this, but I always find that different Primark stores stock different things. Or maybe I'm just not looking in the right sections?! I saw this top in the Primark where my 'rentals live, and knew I needed it in my life. I am a sucker for a hi-low hem, especially because I wear leggings lots. You need to have a certain length of hem for legging-wear-idge...well, I do anyway. It was the print that caught my eye first. But then, when I tried it on, the style sold it to me. The cut is quite flattering o my bodyshape (I think this is partly due to the light gathers in the fabric), and is super comfy and lightweight, so perfect for the upcoming warmer Spring/Summer weather! 

 There is a section of gathering in the back, and a small lengthwise cutout, which creates an interesting and unexpected feature for a basic shaped top....Ooooo, interesting! 

I picked this top up in a UK 8 because of the stretch, and it is plenty big enough. If you are a bit smaller on top, I'd say try a size smaller, because this top does a bit of a stretch. 

I can't quite remember how much this top cost, but it was definitely under £10!

Up close on the gathering a the back


 All of these accessories I picked up at Primark. You may notice a common theme. I don't know what it is,m but at the moment, I've been drawn to more Gothic style jewellery. I saw the necklace first. I thought the length was really flattering, and the mixture of different colour/style of chain and "charms" was really interesting. Plus, I'd not seen anything like it anywhere else So straight in to my shopping basket it went. 

Skulls, Peace Signs, "Fangs" (?!), and Crosses

The bracelet I bought as a complimentary piece. I thought the flower design of the cuff was really pretty, but not overly feminine. I'm quite a big fan of gold jewellery for everyday wear. Silver I tend to save for special pieces

And I'd been eyeing up the skull-print scary for ages. Primark have had skull scarfs in their stores for a while, and in various colours, but it was the monochrome that made me finally decide to get one. I have quite a lot of bright coloured scarfs with colouful patterns, so having one in grey and black means I have a scarf that I can wear with most other colours. 

I always pick up a pair of suspender tights or patterned tights from Primark when I go. They are relatively cheap, and are a great way to dress up/accesorise an otherwise simple outfit. 

I couldn't find the prices for the accessories I bought, but Primark accessories are always quite good value for money, so it's definitely worth having a look around. 

The Hat

I am a big hat fan! But I do have quite a big head, so sometimes finding hats that a) fit me, or b) make my head look EVEN BIGGER is sometimes an issue. 

However, with this bowler-style hat from Topshop, it was love at first sight, and wear. I think it is just amazing, and is the perfect way to accessorise a day look, or night look, which is why I decided to buy it. I have worn it loads already, and in both capacities, and it has got a lot of attention. 

If you are in to hats, and looking for a bowler style to add to your collection, give this one a try. It was £25, but it is a great hat, and so versatile! I think it is the perfect way to finish off any outfit. 

Ginger x

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