March Monthly Favourites / March Haul

March Favourites & March Haul

I posted these videos a few weeks ago over on my Just Add Ginger YouTube page, but with it having been Boyfriend's birthday, and March being a rather busy month in general, I am only just catching up with myself over here on my little blog. 

Firstly, to my March Favourites. Being such a creature of habit normally, I think I surprised myself in March with how adventurous I had been with trying out new products. I think it's good to embrace change. Throw out the old and let in the new. Especially with it being spring....New life. New starts. And all that jazz! 

And then we come on to my March 2014 Haul

March was a month where I did a lot of wardrobe revamping. I indulged in a little bit of shopping to help spruce up my clothes, replace old and decaying items in my closet, and invest in lots of pretty new things. I don't usually do such a big amount of shopping. Normally I just pick up a few bits here and there, but since turning 27, I'm finding that my style is evolving and changing a bit, and there are things that I own that I just don't wear any more. So, once more, it was embracing the new and banishing the old (and worm to death.)

Have you tried any new products lately you can recommend? 

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