How I Paint My Nails

Last Sunday, I posed a video on my Just Add Ginger YouTube channel about the way that I paint my nails; the next video in my One-Handed Ways series

Being able to find a way to paint my nails has give n me so much pride in my abilities. It was a long road of discovery, and I wanted to make a video to help inspire others to find a way to overcome obstacles in their lives and achieve something they may have thought impossible. 

If you know of anybody who would find this video useful, please spread it around. 

We all have the capability to do all that we dream of. We all just need to believe in ourselves.

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  1. LOVED this video and your one-handed ways series is fantastic! Keep it up lovely!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Thank you lovely :)

      Are there any more you think would be good to try?