Beauty by Ginger: Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Dryer 2400

 Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Dryer 2400

When it comes to hair styling tools, I'm not that great at keeping up with the technological times. The last I had a new pair of straighteners was about 6 years ago, and I had an old hand-me-down hair-dryer that I once shared with MG. It's not that I'm against styling tools, but with so many being out there on the market, I wouldn't know where to start! 

So, imagine my delight, when, at the NorthWest Bloggers Event in March, I won myself a shiny new hair-dryer in the raffle. I couldn't wait to bin my old battered hair-dryer and take this one for a spin. 

The Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Dryer 2400 (try saying that quickly) comes with the hair-dryer, a concentrator nozzle, and a large thermal brush to help achieve a smooth and voluminous finish to your hair when blow-drying.  The hair-dryer claims to use "ionic conditioning" technology which helps banish frizz and achieve sleek and manageable hair. 

I waited to use the dryer until I knew I had a good chunk of time to toy around with the features. I am currently on a two week break from work, so it made perfect sense to test it out before I went off on my jollies. After washing my hair, and giving it a quick one-over with a towel, I un-boxed the dryer and hit the ON switch....

...and was nearly blasted across the bedroom. I cannot believe just how powerful this tool is. And I only had it set on the lowest speed level! The small little dryer definitely packs one hell of a punch. That or my old hair-dryer was a bit steaming pile of poop. 

The heat levels are also incredibly strong. The highest heat setting I could barely use, so I stuck to alternating between the cool and second heat setting. I had a quick look at the Instructions for Use page in the manual before I tested out the concentrator nozzle - I wouldn't have had a clue what to do otherwise - and messed around styling my hair as it dried. The styling guidance in the manual I think it a really well-thought out touch. If, like me, you don't have a clue when it comes to styling your hair with a dryer, it really gives you some good tips and tricks on how to use the heat settings, speed settings, and the nozzle.  

I managed to dry all my hair in about 20 minutes. Which is amazing. I may not have the longest hair any more but buy is it still thick. My hair felt big and bouncy, and I honestly felt like I had just come out of a salon. The dryer is a great compact size, so is great not only for every day use and easy storage, but for travel too. I can easily wedge it between my knees to help direct the air flow, so styling is a lot easier compared to bigger, more cumbersome hair-dryers *looks over at banished old dryer.*

I love everything about the Babyliss Boutique Italian AC Dryer 2400. The packaging and product design is super-chic, the hair dryer is a superhero tool, and the brush and nozzle are a welcome addition. For such a cute little dryer, it has certainly made a lasting impression.

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  1. Hello there, I've used this one before. I loved how it helped make drying hair faster, but I think I prefer my Karmin hair dryer more. It comes with 3 attachments so I can easily style my hair in any way I like. The diffuser works great with my naturally curly and it also adds volume. My hair dries faster with it compared to my old dryer without making my hair feel like hay. :)