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Lush Golden Egg Bath Ballistic

On my latest trip to Lush Spa Liverpool, I decided it would be a good idea to test out some of their Easter goodies before it was too late. I am going to be in Amsterdam with Boyfriend on Easter Sunday/Monday and, although there is a Lush branch there, I could not risk being away, not venturing in to the store, then coming home to find all the Easter line gone. 

That would just be a disaster. 

As soon as I saw the Golden Egg Bath Ballistic I knew one had to come home with me. For those of you who know your Roald Dahl,  can you guess what looking at it made me think of? Something coated in that much glitter just cannot be ignored. Especially when you are a sparkle magpie like me (or a Sparklepie?!) In to a bag it was plopped, and I took it home with an internal grin, knowing that it was going to make my bath a very magical one indeed. 

The scent of Golden Egg drew me in too. Sweet, but not overpowering, it reminded me of the smell of Honey I Washed the Kids (which - consequently - was the very first Lush product I bought.) I just knew that having this in the bath would be a sure-fire way to help me be whisked away in to a land of comfort and relaxation. 

I chose to use it that night (Tuesday.) I knew Boyfriend was going to be out for most of the evening, and therefore could not pass any comment when he saw just how glittery Golden Egg is. I ran myself a very warm bath, and plopped Golden Egg in to the water....

Golden Egg didn't effervesce straight away. Instead, sparkly, glittery clouds began to billow out from the ballistic, and the water turned a happy citrus colour. I felt very regal indeed stepping in to a bath filled with so much glitter. The particles were not big, so instead of sitting in water watching massive chunks of glitter wash by, you stepped into a shimmer bath of joy that wouldn't be out of place in Cleopatra's bathroom (when she was finished bathing in milk.) 

Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb

The fact that bubble mountains filled my bath too also made me very happy. It was something that I was not expecting. I don't even know if it was meant to happen, but I am sure glad it did. Bubbles in baths make them all the more comforting to me. 

After Golden Egg had done a few laps of my bath tub, being pushed along by the current, that's when the fizzing began. The outer layer of glitter vanished and the middle started to ripple out, making the water even more nourishing and gentle on my skin. 

As much as I love Golden Egg, I do have to issue a warning. For those of you who live with somebody who does not appreciate your Lush love affair, the bath ballistic does leave evidence of its presence in the tub.... 

Lush Golden Egg Bath Ballistic

...but, it is no way as tricky as the residue from Soot Ball was to eliminate. With a quick swish around my bath with the shower head, all the glitter was gone and the bath back to normal.

I would happily buy a Golden Egg again. I think it epitomises what it is like to have a royally regal princess bath and is perfect for anybody who wants to completely pamper themselves. And at £3.50, I think it's money well-spent to help show yourself a bit of TLC. 

For more information about Golden Egg, or any other Lush product, visit: 

Have you tried Golden Egg or any other Lush product from their Easter range?

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