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Left: 55 "Bright Lights", Right:  57"Neon Art
I know it's been a while since I did a review, but today I have one for you that I am really excited about. This product has been one of my best beauty finds from the year so far. I just had to share it with you! 

Collection 2000's Hot Look Fast Dry Nail Varnish range!

As you know, I always need nail varnishes that are fast drying because I use my mouth to paint my nails. I completely stumbled upon this range by chance in Boots just before I went to Germany, and I'm not going to look back. 

The nail varnishes retail for only £1.79 (Boots online price)!! That was a huge part of the appeal. I always try to be really careful with my money, and usually buy my nail varnishes from online sellers as they are cheaper. You'd think that for £1.79 the varnish would be rubbish...but it really isn't.

I bought "Bright Lights" first, and was so impressed by the formula. It's so smooth, it glides on your nails really easily, and has great pigmentation. 

The varnish really is fast drying too...not even taking 60 seconds...again, a HUGE plus for me! I did 2 coats of the nail varnish, plus a top coat to seal the deal, and the polish stayed on - without chipping - for my entire holiday - this never happens to me! 

The only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the width of the brush in "Bright Lights". It was really thick, and unless you have really wide nails, it will be a little bit tricky to manoeuvre. 

But that was my only negative. This nail varnish is an absolute bargain find, and for a drugstore brand, Collection 2000 has hit the nail on the head completely! 

There are about 30 shades in the nail varnish range too, so Fast Nails covers a variety of shades....taking you through from Summer to Winter. 

If you're on a budget, and looking for some great nail colours, definitely check Hot Looks out! I'll definitely be investing in some more!

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