Do You Dare to Double Wear?

Bonjour Universe! 

How are you? I know I've been a bit MIA lately...it's the end of term and I have got SO much to do and have been really, really busy! 

Sozzums for that! 

There has been a bit of a taboo around for a while about "double wearing" or "recycling" clothes...especially with Kate Middleton marrying Prince William, getting more in the public eye and having more opportunities to wear fabulous clothes!

Grrr at her! 

The media seem to not quite her recycled style. Just look here! Maybe it's because she's rich, or married to a Royal...who knows!?  But I think Kate Middleton is advocating a really important point! 

You CAN wear things more than once. 

I know, because I do it...ALL the time! 

for example....

I wore this dress to Chester Races in July...

And on a night out in March...

I don't see anything wrong with recycling clothes, especially in the recession and/or if you don't have loadsa' money to splash around all the time and buy lovely things with. 

It's all about the accessories....

Personally, I always take it as a challenge to take something I've worn before and give it a COMPLETE revamp using my accessories...and don't forget...hair is an accessory too! 

It doesn't take much to try, and if in doubt, you can always ask friends/family to lend you some jewellery to accent your recycled look. Shops like Primark and New Look sell really reasonably priced accessories.

So I'm going to continue taking a leaf out of K-Mid's book and rock the recycled look...it's good for the planet...

and my purse!

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