" 7 Things"

Bonjour Universe!

I am still SO tired...I'm starting to wonder if I will ever get over this whole jet lag situation! 

It's driving me up the wall! 

Today, I've decided to post about something I've decided to do over the next month... 

I was browsing through my blog feed the other day, and I came across this gem of a post from sprinkleofglitter. 


I think it's such a good idea, and will really give me the motivation I need to get myself in gear and sort myself out! There are things that I've been needing/wanting to do for so long, but never got round to/couldn't be bothered...etc...so yeah! 


Here are my 7 things! 

1) Cook something new! 
I love to cook, but ALWAYS rely on the same dishes each time I do my food shop. 

It's time to break the mould!| 

2)Lie in more! 
A little bit of a "me me me" one, but I never give myself the opportunity to lie in at the weekend. I'm up early everyday at the start of the week, so goodness knows I need the sleep at the weekend! 


3)Take up a new hobby! 
I need more variety in my life. Investigation into possible hobbies needed... 

Any ideas? 

4) Do a kind deed! 
I have lots of lovely, caring people in my life who do loads of lovely, kind things for me. It's time to give back and do something really special for my beautiful friends who do so much for me! 

5) Reconnect with an old friend
Friendships are precious. 

That's something I've definitely learnt lately! 

It's time to rekindle some of the friendships I've had in the past, and carry them into the future! 

6) Plan a gathering! 
Who doesn't like a good ol' knees up?? 

(Especially when the weather is lovely and there may be Pimms involved?)

7) Have a pamper night 
Girls, we should be treated like the princesses that we are. 

I'm going to plan an awesome night of girly fun and pampering for some of my besties so that they know I'm always here for them if they need me. 

We all need to stick together, don't we? 


There are my 7 things! I'll keep you updated on how I get on. 

If you don't know sprinkleofglitter, you should check her out - she's an amazing blogger/youtuber!! 

And if you want to get involved in "7 Things", the details are on her blog! 

Here's the link again.. 


I'm off to get some chilli!! 

Until Next Time...


  1. Good post and the pamper night sounds good :)

    Tanesha x

    1. Thank you.

      You can never be pampered too much :D

      Ginger x

  2. Great ideas, Life is too short, and we all get caught up with work etc, it is so important to make time for friends and get togethers even if its grabing a sunny day and picnic in the park.

    1. I've definitely been finding that lately! When the sun gets better I hope to arrange more things to do with my friends...and take some time out for just me too! :p

      Ginger x

  3. Aw I'm doing this too, I love your 7! I hope you manage to achieve them all. x

    1. You too! :) Your "7 things" sound really good!

      Lovely blog too!

      Ginger x

  4. Why settle for 7 when you could do 101....http://dayzeroproject.com/

    I've been trying to complete the day zero project forever! Loving your '7 things'! You can always count me in! :) x