Cook with Ginger: Pasta Perfection

Bon Soir Universe! 

After putting it off for nearly a week, today I embarked on my first giant home-cooking session since I got back from my holiday! 

Shocking...I know! 

At lunchtime, I cooked a recipe found in Jamie's 30 Minute Meals . 

I had it on good authority that it is an amazing dish... 

And it did not disappoint!! 

Yes...I am aware that it doesn't look very appetising at this point (a bit like mush), but stay with me!

I've added tomatoes now - much better colour!! By this stage it smelt amazing too!! 

Et Voila!!! 

There was loads left over after my lunch, so I'm saving it for tomorrow to take round to my friend's house to eat!

I'm sure there's a video on the internet somewhere with this recipe (Jamie Oliver did a TV series in the UK based on his book.) 

I was so impressed, I had to Instagram! 

I'm @gingerjax if you are want to follow me!

If you like pasta, and quick lunch ideas, you definitely need to try this dish!! 

Happy Cooking Everybody!! 

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