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lush magic wand bubble bar
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I have been absolutely loving my baths lately. I have one nearly every night now that the weather is a lot colder. Being a girlie girl, I do like to indulge in a bit of a girly princess bath. Recently, I went into Lush to have a look at their Christmas goodies and found this little beauty - the Magic Wand Bubble Bar.

The bar (as you may have guessed) is shaped like a wand, with a cute ribbon and bell attached to it. It smells exactly like Snow Fairy (very sweet and delicious...you almost want to eat it it smells so good!) I spent ages in Lush deliberating over this bar, but once I had a demonstration, I was sold.... 

It turns the water pink! Simply wave your wand under hot running water, and immediately a gazillion bubbles appear. Honestly; this is one of the best bubble bars I've had! The bubbles fill up your bath as soon as you start using the bar. It also leaves your skin really moisturised, and smelling delicious. What more could you ask for? The lovely Lush sales assistant told me this bar would last about three baths, but so far it's latest my five...and counting.

At £4.95, this bubble bar is a delicious bath time treat. It's beautiful and magical, and looks pretty sitting in your bathroom. Also, it doesn't leave any residue in your bath, so if you share your tub with anyone else, you don't have to worry about cleaning off glitter every time you use the bar.

If you're looking for a new Lush product to try, I can't recommend the Magic Wand Bubble Bar enough. It's definitely a must-have for these chilly November nights!

What bath products are you loving at the moment?

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  1. That looks so gorgeous, must get one for my daughters birthday, she'd love it and bit different too.
    I love baths too my fave is Geranium oil and joe malone, amber and Lavender.

    nicki fannings blogspot