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(Thank you to Boyfriend for filming this for me)

I don't know how many of my followers/subscribers know this, but I suffered difficulties at birth which resulted in left side hemi-paresis. It has never got in the way of anything in my life, and I never really see myself as anything different. In short, I have been very fortunate. Fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing people who love me, fortunate that having had this happen has never really stopped me from doing the same things as everybody else. 

Earlier this year, I knew it was my time to give back to those who may need a bit more support in achieving their own goals. Whereas I am very lucky. I know that there are others out there who need a little bit more help on their own journeys. 

On Sunday I took a trip to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester to participate in a ZipSlide across the Salford Quays to raise money for The Stroke Association. It was an amazing experience (even though I was terrified,) and a great way to show my support for a charity that is close to my heart. 

I am so grateful to everybody who sponsored me for this event, sent me a good luck message, and who came to watch me. I was really overwhelmed by all the support I received, and this made jumping out of a very tall building that little bit easier. 

Just Add Ginger
Me mid-ZipSlide
We are all different in some way. It's what makes us special. I didn't always see myself as a unique person, but as I've gotten older I've come to really appreciate and love me for me. No matter what you go through in life, it's always so important to be thankful for the good times, and respect the tough times. Without them, we cannot grow and learn those important life lessons that make us stronger people. 

Sunday was my chance to celebrate how unique we all are, and help show my appreciation and respect for a charity that does so much for those less fortunate than me. 

For more information about The Stroke Association, visit: 

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