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I have always been really careful when it comes to skincare products I use. Growing up, I had absolutely terrible skin that really knocked my self-esteem, and I never, ever want to go through what I did back then, because, quite frankly, it was not a happy time for me ... at all!  

Given my love for all things ESPA, when it came to establishing a good bridal skincare routine, who else was I going to choose? Knowing anything that was recommended to me would make my skin look and feel fantastic, I headed to the counter in Harvey Nichols in Manchester to ask for advice. 

The sales assistant was so lovely, and suggested a three-step routine that would suit my "lazy girl" sensibilities when it comes to a beauty regime. I never doubted this, but I can honestly say that since starting my bridal routine, I have noticed such a difference in my skin. 

1. After cleaning my face (with a baby wipe - who are we kidding?) I dab a few drops of the ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum on to my skin, focusing mainly on my T-zone and cheeks, as these are the places that I find to be the most dry. The serum works to prevent signs of premature ageing, and helps brighten the skin, which for me is really important. My skin can look really drab and lifeless - during the winter in particular- so anything that helps give me a bit of colour and some glow is very welcome. 

2. After applying the ProSerum, it's time for the 24 Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser. I dispense two pumps on to the back of my hand, then dab this on to each under-eye area and round to my crow's feet. The consistency of the eye moisturiser takes a little longer to sink in to the skin, so I let this settle for a minute or two. Having super-fair skin, my dark circles show like crazy if I'm not careful, and I can look really sleepy - almost zombie-like - especially in the mornings. I also suffer from dry eyes occasionally, and my eyes will just water for no reason. But since using the moisturiser, I a) no loner feel like I scare people, and b) my eyes are hydrated and are left feeling soft all day. 

3. The final step in my routine is with the Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser. I've been in love with this moisturiser for ages. It really hydrates and takes care of your skin, and is also a great base for make up. It's rich and luxurious without feeling heavy, and oh yeah, did I mention it smells amazing? It sinks in to the skin quickly, which is perfect for me, as I literally roll out of bed and get ready for work still half-asleep! 

I can't pin the results down to just one product, but since adopting a sound bridal skincare routine, and using ESPA products that I really trust, my skin has been brighter, I haven't had any breakouts (unless "time of the month" related) and my skin generally feels softer, Okay so I did spend a little more on preparing my visage before the Big Day, but it has been well worth it, especially because I'm going to be papped so much on the day. And bearing in mind I picked up all these goodies before Christmas, and I'm nowhere near finishing them, I think I've got a lot of bank for my buck. 

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