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Lush Spa Liverpool

Ever since the Lush spa in Liverpool first opened, I hoped, dreamed and prayed that they would host blogger events. Having been a die-hard Lush fan for years, this was definitely something that was on my inner blogger checklist. 

My prayers were answered last month, when Lush invited a bunch of us bloggers down for a skincare event, but it was their most recent event that just really cemented my love and true appreciation for Lush as a brand, and the store in Liverpool as just one of my favourite shopping haunts.

After the doors opened at 7pm welcoming us in out of the cold, we were checked in and immediately divided up into groups. Following the warm greetings from the Lush staff, and saying our hellos to familiar faces and introducing ourselves, Megan - the event coordinator - explained what the event would entail. With stations positioned around the room ready to introduce us to how Lush get ready for the Christmas season, and the gentle tinkling of the ivories in the background from the live pianist (what a treat), the festive atmosphere was inescapable, and extremely welcome. 

Lush Ltd Lipsticks

At twenty minute intervals, the groups rotated to each different station, where we learned all about knot wraps, the Lush Christmas lines, had a makeup masterclass, and a tour of the Lush spa. All the while, staff floated around the floor, treating us to mince pies, mulled wine and juice, and demonstrating some of the gorgeous festive goodies that were on sale in the store. Whilst the pianist took breaks, Christmas tunes blasted out the speakers, filling our ears and ramping up the Christmas spirit to the max. Unable to contain my joy, I happily joined in a little sing-song with Holly (it was pretty apt that I was in the 'Inhibited' group really). 

Lush Spa Liverpool

Lush Spa Liverpool

Our group headed up for our spa tour last, and it was just like being welcomed into a cosy country kitchen, with rooms set up to depict treatments, and mood lighting setting the atmosphere in the waiting area. The Lush soundtrack tickled our ears, and I realised just how much I longed myself back for a treatment. (Top tip: If you're a fellow mamma-to-be, there are treatments suitable for us!) 

I really credit an enjoyable event to the organisation, and Lush blew it out the water with this one. We were well and truly spoilt for food, drink, and attention from the staff, and it was so nice to be able to peruse the products at ease without the oppressing Christmas crowds that seem to flock to Liverpool as soon as it hits December. 

One of the highlights of the evening has to be participating in the Mannequin challenge. It was hilarious to see the room change from chatter, smiles and singing to complete silence and stillness as we all did our best to be as mannequin-like as possible. (I had to get a cheek twitch, didn't I?) 

Lush Bath Ballistics

It took so much inner restrain to not buy all the Christmas goodies in the store. Tempting as it was to fill up a basket during the time we had to shop, I have turned in to a complete basket case and am holding out to payday and after I've bought our Tommie Tippee Prep Machine - don't judge me! 

Lush Ltd Christmas products

As we exited the store, we were all very kindly handed goodie bags containing some select Christmas products (including my favourite ever - Luxury Lush Pud) to try out at home. It was such a generous gesture, and utter treat for us all. I live and breathe for the Lush Christmas releases, and there were some products in the bags that I had been desperate to try for ages ... how did you know eh Lush?

I cannot sing the praises of Lush enough for putting on this fantastic event for us, and only hope there are more coming in the future. If you are a blogger from the North West and missed out this time, definitely keep an eye out on Lush Liverpool's social media pages to catch the call for the next one. 

Check out Lush's full Christmas range here. And for more details about the Lush Spa in Liverpool, click here

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