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Preparing for Baby Ginger's arrival is a little strange at the moment. We have put in an offer on a new house and are in that incredibly annoying stage of having to sit around twiddling our thumbs whilst we wait for the date when we can finally...finally move out!

I'm trying to not let it stress me out. Sure, I mean there are only two months until we become parents. Sure we are practically falling over ourselves just with the amount of things the two of us have accumulated over the past four years. Sure it's not ideal. But at least we have a roof over our heads and space to house a baby (even though it is rather minimal). 

Nursery Inspo
Should we still be in this house when we bring the baby home, I'm not going to bother decorating his room. Quite frankly, it's just too much effort to put in for somewhere he won't be properly living in... 

...But you can be certain I have big plans for the nursery in the new house. It's what I find myself daydreaming about constantly. And although the finer details do change daily, the concept is pretty much set in stone. A mixture of greys and blues and neutral tones, with lots of different textures to add extra touches...Ooo I get so excited just thinking about it.

The Cot

We are planning on "co-sleeping" with a Chicco Next To Me Crib for the first few months. This is all set to go at my in-laws' house. But after that, the cot I have my eye on is the Anna Dropside Cot from John Lewis. Having a dropside cot is going to be so much handier for me, and this one has three different levels for the mattress, which makes it ideal. Even though he won't be using it for a while, we still plan on getting this soon so I can practice with the mechanism. Finished with some beautiful bunting, this cot will definitely be totally Pinterest-worthy!

The Mobile

I am absolutely in love with this mobile from The Little White Company. It is just so pretty, and will definitely be appealing for a newborn. It will look lovely no matter where we are, and will fit in with whatever final décor we decide to go with. 

The Chair

As of yet, I'm undecided on whether I'm going to be bottle or breastfeeding. I'm going to leave it in the hands of fate and just see what Baby Ginger feels like doing, and what works best for us. However, a nursing chair is definitely something that will be a part of the nursery. The prefect little place for bonding with baby pre-bedtime, or sitting trying to soothe the teething tantrums. Fortunately we have a lovely one we are going to borrow from my sister-in-law, as I know these can be rather pricey. And what's better to throw over it for that extra bit of comfort than one of Dunelm's teddy bear throws in a lovely grey or duck egg blue!

The Walls 

My plan is to keep the majority of the walls as neutral as possible, to save us the hassle of redecorating when Baby Ginger is older and has more of an opinion. However, where the cot will go will be our main feature wall. I keep flitting between a wall sticker, mural, and an array of prints, but at the moment I am loving the idea of a mountain mural. This will tie in Ryan's love of walking, and will sow the seed in baby's mind about the great outdoors. It also means we can do this ourselves to save a little money, which, when you're having a baby is always a plus. 

Alongside the feature wall, I have also invested in two prints. One by Clinton Banbury and the other by Jazz Stan Artworks (you can check them both out on my Instagram). These will be going up on a wall opposite to the cot, and hopefully this is a collection that will expand. And let's not forget the two pieces of pottery Ryan and I painted at Center Parcs this Christmas, which will take pride of place on the windowsill. 

Finishing Touches

Keeping with the cosy elements, and as an extra source of light during nighttime feeds/nappy changes, there will definitely be some fairy lights draped somewhere. No nursery of my dreams would be complete without them. And the final feature comes in the form of a sweet Mamas and Papas fox soft toy we bought for Baby Ginger after our 12 week scan. It's the first thing we ever bought, and is officially Baby Ginger's first soft toy.

And of course, in terms of extra furniture, I intend to up-cycle a lot of the bits and bobs we already own. Where there's a chance for a little project that helps save some pennies, you can be sure I'm going to give it a go! 


  1. Eep, is it really just two months until Baby Ginger is set to arrive? So so exciting!
    I hope you hear from your house offer soon. Although, it sounds like Baby Ginger is going to have one stylin' nursery no matter where it is.
    Leanne xx.

    1. It is only two months (or perhaps sooner)! It blows my mind how quickly it has all gone. Keeping everything crossed for the house but grateful that we do have somewhere to bring him home to until we are moved in.
      Pinterest has been the ultimate in nursery inspiration. I just hope I can do all my plans justice. This could all go horribly wrong lol 😂


  2. You've picked out so many beautiful things! His nursery is going to be so cute once it's all together! Here's hoping you get the keys super soon so you can get everything set up for him!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Thank you :) I know I can't wait to get started! I'm just hoping we're in at least a few weeks before D-Day! *crosses fingers*.