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I've always been one for a little bit of early organisation. The minute we moved into the new house I knew that packing my hospital bag was high on the agenda. And now, with D-Day just around the corner (quite literally) I wanted to share everything that I will be taking in with me when it's time for Baby Ginger to be born.

hospital bag contents - Just Add Ginger blog

For Mummy (In Labour & After Delivery):

. My notes - pregnancy and birth preferences. 
. A towel - just in case I need / want a shower. 
. Nighties - with thin straps. They are lightweight and easy to pull down for breastfeeding access post-birth. 
. PJ bottoms - to wear walking round the hospital (I'm hoping to stay as mobile as possible).
. Dressing gown - for comfort. 
. Cosy socks - for keeping my feet warm. I have heard they can get cold during labour.
. Slippers - just to wear during active labour or walking around the ward. I'm taking my Crocs with me to wear around the hospital.
. Bikini top - part of my birth preferences is to get into a birthing pool. 
. Disposable knickers - I've heard these make the early post-birth moments easier.
. Maternity pads - because things will get messy! 
. Massive underwear - oversized for comfort. And dark because I don't want to know what's going on down there! 
. Nursing bras - the sexiest things I will ever own. 
. Boppy pillow - to help make breastfeeding easier.
. Going home clothes - Leggings, a soft jumper, nursing friendly top and comfy socks.

hospital bag contents - Just Add Ginger blog

For Mummy (Washing & Pampering): 

Wash Bag:

. Deodorant - because like it or not, I'm probably going to stink.
. Shampoo & body wash - see above! 
. Water spray - for use during labour to help keep me cool.
. Cooling foot cream - a little luxury, but if it helps me keep cool, I'll try anything. 
. Face wipes - for removing make up. 
. Toothbrushes and toothpaste - for Ryan and I to use.
. Hairbrush - a small compact one in case I want to get my hair out my face. 
. Hair ties and scrunchies - for getting my hair out the way. 
. Lipbalm - I've heard that your lips can get really dry in labour, especially if you use gas and air. 
. Breastpads - for leaky moments. 

Make Up Bag:

Just in case I want to freshen up a little bit. I expect a lot of people will want to take photos, and I don't want to look like a ghost.

. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 
. Benefit Hoola Bronzer 
. Urban Decay Brow Tamer Gel 
. Revlon Volume & Length Mascara
. Makeup brushes 
. Fleur de Force eyeshadow quad
. Concealer
. Eyebrow pencil 
. Soap & Glory lipstick 
. Makeup Revolution blusher 
. Autograph highlighter stick

hospital bag contents - Just Add Ginger blog

Extras For Mummy:

. Headphones - so I can listen to my Push Playlist and hypnobirthing tracks. 
. A book - I doubt I'll feel like reading, but am bringing one of my favourite books just in case. 
. Playing cards - as entertainment for Ryan and I.
. Disposable camera - so that we are not relying on having charge in a camera or on a phone. 
. Extra scrunchies - you can never be too prepared! 
. Cereal bars - for midnight energy (I'll also be popping in some energy drinks too). 

hospital bag contents - Just Add Ginger blog

For Baby: 

Baby has his own changing bag, but these are overflow things that wouldn't fit... 

. Towels - for if he needs a wash / cleaning up. 
. Blanket - it's soft and snuggly and will look really cute in photos. He has a cellular in his own little bag too. 
. Nappies - a massive pack - you can never be too prepared. 
. Cotton wool - for early nappy changing. 
. Water wipes - I personally will find these easier to use than cotton wool. 
. Baby milk - in case Baby has problems latching / I have issues breastfeeding.


This may at first seem like a really extensive list, but I have taken guidance from the Liverpool Women's Hospital website, as well as guidance from other mums and professionals before adding some creature comforts for myself. I'd always check with your hospital what to bring in with you when having a baby, as all hospitals are different. 

If there's anything else you think I should be bringing in my hospital bag, or if you'd like to see what's inside Baby's bag too, let me know in the comments.

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