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Becoming a parent has hands down got to be one of the most empowering things that could have ever happened to me. It has not only shown me how strong I am but also taught me so much about myself

In the months leading up to Baby Ginger's arrival I was full of trepidation when it came to thinking about just how I was going to parent. Even the most simplest of tasks seemed daunting, and with there being so few resources, my confidence was instantly low. However, never having been the type to shy away from a challenge I tackled everything head on. Sure it was intimidating at times, but now, nearly seven months in, there isn't anything that scares me anymore. 

The idea of a one handed parenting challenge came when I realised that you can't really make the outside world understand what something is like to live with until you make them step into your shoes. So this is what I want to try and do. To try and get people to understand what not just parenting one handed is like, but to appreciate just exactly what time, patience and sheer skill goes into it

Ryan was the first "volunteer" but I'm hoping that if friends and family see this video they will be keen to sign up too. It's a fun little video but one that carries an important message with it. One that helps get people talking, sharing and ultimately understanding that just because somebody does things a little differently it doesn't mean they are not done just as well. 

Disability should not be a taboo subject nor is it something that should be looked down upon. There needs to be equality, and when it comes to this, support is seriously lacking. And if this challenge or indeed any of my videos help highlight that and one day puts wheels in motion for change, then that is all I could ever hope for.

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