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I have written a few of these posts over the past few months. But as the year draws to a close I wanted to pull more focus on the local bloggers/vloggers I think deserve some recognition. December is a pretty full-on month in the blogging and YouTube world with the likes of Vlogmas and Blogmas, so in light of this, here are the creators I think are absolutely smashing it with their posts.

Danielle Levy | Student To Staff Nurse 

I've met Danielle at a couple of events now and she has quickly become an inspiration to me. She is currently doing both blogmas and vlogmas and putting some really lovely content out there whilst working in a high intensity job. Her videos are the ones I click on first out of my subscription list. They are sincere, engaging, totally relatable and really enjoyable to watch. She clearly puts so much thought in to what she produces and I am in awr of how she does it all. It's pretty much down to her that I have been putting out daily vlogs. Plus she is just a really lovely and supportive person. She deserves so much recognition for how much she does and I can't wait to see where she takes her content in 2018. 

Jessi | Jessi Lou Blog

It only takes two minutes of being on Jessi's blog to understand why I love it so much. From the stylish design to the imagery to the words themselves it is just a really lovely place to be. With Eric being on the go so much I don't really have time to keep up to date with my blogroll anymore, but Jessi's is one I check in on regularly to see if there are any new posts for me to read. She's a local blogger I've met at a few events and is so genuine and down-to-earth - exactly how she comes across on her blog. No pretence and no exaggeration and100% ingenuous.

Who are the bloggers, YouTubers or content creators you've been enjoying lately?


  1. Wow Jackie. Thank you so so much for this. To be included is a wonderful gift! And yes, Danielle is an inspiration. So hard working!!

    1. You’re welcome! I love your content really enjoy your posts so just had to feature you. With so much going on out in the blogosphere it’s really important to let the bloggers you like they’re doing an amazing job 😃

      Jackie O xo