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For a really long time, trying to think about our baby's name was one of the most difficult tasks. As soon as we thought we had found a name a day or so later I would go off it and we would be right back at square one. When I was expecting Eric we already knew what his name was going to be so it was less of a stress, but I think naming a second baby is much more difficult because you need something that complements your first child.

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Little One has a name now that I am 99.99% sure isn't going to change (I feel it in my bones that this is his name) however once I had gotten over disliking all the names we did have a list of both boys and girls names either both of us really liked and were thinking of using, or ones that I was trying to convince Ryan to like so that we could possibly use them.


I found trying to come up with boys names a lot more difficult than girls. Deep down I knew this baby was a boy even before we found out but because I had quite a few girls names that I had decided on before, coming up with a new list of boy names was always going to be a little bit more tricky.

Arthur: This is a family name on both mine and Ryan's sides and it was a pretty strong contender at one stage. However I just didn't think the name suited us as parents. Arthur is obviously very traditional and I didn't like the abbreviations of it (Art, Artie) should we want to shorten it to a pet name. I know it's grown in popularity over the past few years but it felt a little bit too vintage for us.

Hugo: This name was on my list before we knew Eric was on the way and I do still really like it. However, it has also been on my list of names I would call a dog and the association I have in my head of a little cavalier King Charles or Labrador called Hugo running round is just too strong. I think the name itself is gorgeous but I just don't think I could use it for a child (I'm still keeping it on the table for future pets though)!

Ernie: Again, this is a family name that I absolutely love. But Ryan really wasn't sure. Whereas I thought it was adorable picturing a little Eric and Ernie running around, Ryan could only think of Morcambe and Wise!

Fox: This was one of our middle name ideas and we both really, really liked it. For a good long while this was going to be the baby's middle name. The only reason we didn't go for it is because there was a name we loved so much more and one day I decided that if we didn't use this certain name and didn't go on to have more babies I would be devastated.

Floyd: Again this was a contender for a middle name. Ryan is a huge Pink Floyd fan so the fit was perfect. And even though I was the one who initially suggested it, I soon went off the idea because I think it's much more of a dog name than a baby name.


I have said this over and over again but in my heart I know I'm so much more of a boy mum than a girl mum. Don't get me wrong I'd love to have a daughter one day but I honestly don't think it's going to happen. So with that in mind, thinking of girl names is my guiltiest pleasure. There were so many I liked last time (you can check out the baby name video I made then here) so I took some from that list and a few more were added once Ryan and I started talking about names again.

Annabelle: If this baby had been a girl, this would have been his name. I think Annabelle is just so pretty and girly and I love the way you can shorten it to Anna, Belle or Annie. I'm not discounting it for future children so it's still very much on the table.

Margeary: This would have been in memory of my grandma (although we updated the spelling after watching Game of Thrones) and it was one of my top choices for a while with the idea that I would have shortened it to Gigi. However I much prefer it as a middle name. Like with Arthur I don't feel it's a first name that naturally suits us. Also - every time I'd say it it didn't quite fit (I think it's because it ends in a y which sounds a bit clunky with our surname). 

Arya: Half inspired by Game of Thrones and half because it has been so popular the last few years both Ryan and I loved this name. It's pretty but powerful (we especially associate it with power after GOT season 8)! It was only bumped off the list of potential names because I was so set on using Annabelle and it's definitely a name choice I'd pull out again for if we go on to have another baby.

Erin / Eireann: Ryan really liked the idea of Erin (or the Irish version Eireann) but for me it's too much of an association with the famous model. I also think that Eric and Erin just sound too similar and it might get a bit confusing for both them, us, and anyone else who would be using their names.

Ophelia: This was on my previous list and I still love it to this day. It's a quirky name that's a little bit unique but has literary connotations to the Shakespearean character. It's still high on our list of name options so I'm not discounting it but I don't think I'll get to use it purely because I think if we do have another baby down the line it is going to be another boy.

What baby names do you love? 

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