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Thank goodness it's Saturday! 

Recently, I've been having a bit of a sort out of my clothes...I have a huge sort out about this time each year, and turn out clothes that are too shabby, too big, too small, or that I'm just not going to wear any more. As a 20 (something) year old, I feel that I'm still in between my teenage self and my grown up self in terms of fashion, and sometimes I will buy something, and a few months down the line think...

"Eurgh...I'm too old/young for that!" 

So, having a clear out every once in a while makes me feel better. I either donate the clothes to charity, or sometimes, sell bits and pieces on eBay. Either way, I know that somebody else will be enjoying something that I've had! 

I've cleared out two HUGE Primark bags already of tops, dresses, pyjamas and more...it is so cathartic, and lets me see all the great things I have in my wardrobe... 

It's so colourful! 
p.s: I did take more photos, but I am having SERIOUS camera issues. But that's a story for another day! 

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