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A few weeks ago, I picked up the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation on a whim, just to see what it was like. I had heard a lot about this foundation online, and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. 

I picked this up for £8.99 in Tesco from the Rimmel section. At first, I wasn't completely sure about the shade, because some "Ivory" products on me make me look like a ghost. But the colour is near enough a perfect match, and the formula of the foundation is so blendable and smooth that it leaves a natural finish with a really good coverage. 

The packaging feels really high end too, and I love the cool design of the bottle. I think it looks really feminine, and the orange accents on the lid and text make me feel happier just looking at them!

Just Add Ginger blog

The one thing I would say about the formula is that it does have a golden sparkle in it, which gives your skin a dewy finish. After applying the foundation to my skin, my fingers are always uber sparkly and glittery. If you have oily skin, I don't think you'd particularly like this foundation for that reason...you don't want to find that the oiliest parts of your face are highlighted and stand out more! 

Not so sexy! 

However, if you have normal/combination skin, I think the dewy finish adds a really nice highlight to the skin. You can build up the foundation too to get the coverage that you want/need....BONUS!! 

Just Add Ginger blog

The foundation is so easy to apply...probably partly thanks to the pump at the top. You seriously only need a pea sized amount if you're looking for a little bit of coverage, and this completely "wakes up" your skin. In the morning, I literally crawl out of bed and put on my make up, and since using this foundation I have really seen a difference. Putting it on makes me instantly feel more alive, and look less like a zombie! 

The scent is really lovely too...very fruity and fresh. I'm not really a fan of overly scented products, as they can sometimes irritate my skin, but this foundation is perfectly balanced. 

I can't rave about the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation enough. For a high street foundation, I think it's brilliant, and does exactly what it says on the label. If you're looking for a foundation that gives a natural finish, but has buildable coverage, I'd definitely recommend it.

It's £8.99 worth of skin investment. 

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