Happy May Day!

It's the 1st May today!! 

Happy May Day Everybody! 

I cannot believe how quickly this year is going. It seems like only yesterday that it was my 26th birthday and the UK was getting covered in snow, but now, I'm looking out my office window and all I can see is blue sky and sunshine (and houses.)

This year has been phenomenal so far. It has been filled with lots of fun times, and I have learnt so much about myself over the past 4 months. I feel stronger, more confident, and just really happy in general, especially when I think about the amazing friendships I have, and what an great support system there is behind me!

I had so much fun doing the A-Z Blog Challenge during April that I'm thinking about keeping up blogging every day. I'll have to have a ponder over it, because I think if I do keep it up,, there should be some structure to it instead of posting random things each day. 

What do you think? 

I'm a bit busy for the rest of the week now, but on Monday I'm going to post up some links to some of the fabulous blogs I discovered during the challenge. It was great being a part of a new community and uncovering new blog gems! 

This is just a bit of a chatty post. I felt in the mood to post something contemplative and uplifting  The sunshine always puts me in a contended, reflective mood!

Well done everybody who took part and completed the challenge! 

Ginger x


  1. Aw belated bday wishes ^^ and structure is always good, but its your blog, so do whats best for you :) (that sounds kind of cheesy)


  2. Congratulations on completing the A-Z Challenge! Just stopping by to say hello. Visiting from the 2013 Post A-Z Road Trip! Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...